Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday!

After writing a post to you all yesterday afternoon, I headed to get my bangs trimmed at Voodoo Hair Salon.

The lovely Teresa trimmed my bangs, and now I'm seeing things much more clearly. Seriously, I can see all the lost little chocolate chips that I threw in my jar of Nuttzo, and I am committed to digging them out. Sometimes it seems like my workday never ends.

Today I want to mention a fine little site that my sister-in-law mentioned to me last night. It's called, and it's a site where peeps can upload pictures of where they're eating and what they're food looks and tastes like.

Umm, yah, you should check it out if you haven't already. It seems to know automatically where you live, and is prepared to show you pictures of peanut butter pancakes being sold at restaurants near you. #FML. It is first and foremost an iPhone app that is supposed to make it easier on you when you and your friends are struggling to figure out where to eat. It also has the added advantage of a link whereby you can actually make reservations at said restaurants. (That is, assuming that you actually eat things like peanut butter pancakes rather than compulsively looking at pictures of peanut butter pancakes.)

Afterwards I came home to visit with David's sister, Christine, who came up to take some pictures for a project David is working on. Ruki was pretty enamored with Christine, though I had to remind her that it's not nice to make dominant gestures towards guests, i.e. putting a paw on someone like you own their ass.

In this picture Christine was asking me to make sure not to get her in the picture. Ooops.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, and this morning hasn't been much different. Went to bootcamp, went to grocery store, and now I am at home waiting for a guy to come and replace my car windshield. It's been busted pretty bad for about nine months, and I finally decided that I'd rather not die because a random flying pebble causes my windshield to break in my face, neck, head, etc. (You get the picture.)

Umm, yah...maybe I should've had it replaced sooner. But the $100 deductible on my car insurance seemed like so much, though maybe only in comparison to the $10 jars of Nuttzo that I've been buying lately. Everyone has their own priorities, I guess:-)

So, peeps, it's the weekend--hooray! And, I've got three events/plans this weekend! And I swear I'll take pictures:-)

*What are you doing this weekend? Does drinking pumpkin flavored beer count as an event?

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