Monday, September 24, 2012


Let's just call today Moanday, shall we?

OK, not really, today hasn't been all that bad. I'm only complaining because I've been stuck at home all afternoon while a photographer takes pictures for our engineer. I also had to shove a bunch of our shit into drawers and cabinets because apparently the engineer doesn't want our cheap shit in the pictures of this supposedly fancy home. Wah wah, right?

Anyway, on to the weekend recap!

You all know how Friday started out, but you don't know how it ended up. Well, after waiting in line for three hours with a bunch of Apple idiots, I got David his iPhone 5. Actually, it's my iPhone 5, since David wasn't eligible for an upgrade yet. HA! (Though I do have to give it up to him [the phone] whenever he needs it to take measurements and do other Popsockets stuff.)

Me getting a new phone drastically and immediately improved the quality of my photos, as evident in the pics I took when David and I went out to dinner with my brother Chris and his wife Sarah. We went to The Kitchen Next Door, and even got to sit outside!

For dinner, I had the beet burger with a small arugula salad.

It was meh. I've had it before and liked it, but this time the beet burger just tasted mushy. That little plate in the back was for the hummus appetizer we ordered and which I neglected to photograph. Too bad the iPhone 5 won't just take the initiative and take blog pictures for me. Wah wah.

After dinner, we walked on Pearl St. for a bit before stopping so that David could buy some finger puppets. Yes, seriously.

Who wants to guess why David wanted finger puppets? (BTW, even the lady selling the finger puppets laughed at David because he wanted to buy them.)

Also, Sarah found the perrrrrfect hat:

Sarah only looks this pained when she is very, very happy:-)

So, Friday wuz good: it was nice to see my fam, to walk on Pearl St., and to drink beer.

Saturday was a bit more low key but still satisfying. David and I did something we haven't done in awhile: we went to the Boulder Farmer's Market!

I have no photos of the produce that I bought. But suffice to say that it felt really good to be outside and shopping for local produce, knowing that I was going to cook with it rather than watch it rot in my refrigerator because I was too depressed to cook anything.

Saturday night was spent inside, watching The Dictator. Sigh. That was David's choice. It was funnier than I expected, though watching it with David while he laughed hysterically really made me question that he is forty-one and not fourteen.

And finally, Sunday. Sunday was great! It started off bright and early with a bike ride up to Jamestown with my brother Chris and my Dad. We haven't ridden together since our trip to Crested Butte over a month ago, so it was really nice to enjoy the outdoors and ride bikes with them.

Chris doesn't like having his picture taken so I made sure to make this one extra big. Since he said my thighs are looking extra big I figured that was only fair:-)

Smile. Riding bikes is fun. Only a few more weeks left until it starts to get too cold...

*Has fall hit where you are yet? Have you seen The Dictator? If yes, did you like it?


  1. The new phone is awesome! Not because it is the new cool thing, but because your pictures are much crisper. Like lettuce. I am hoping the finger puppets are to do puppet shows for the little kids in the family and NOT some creepy bedroom thing. May I ask how much he spent on finger puppets? If they were a buck apiece I can chalk it up to whimsey. If they five bucks a piece it's just plain weird.

    1. Thanks for the photo props--I think the pics look much better too!
      And yes, the finger puppets are for some creepy bedroom thing, but not in the way you are (pervertedly) thinking:-) I'll fill you in later today in my post. RE: the cost, I believe the grand total for the little puppets was $2.75, which sounds cheap until you consider that we prolly could've talked the lady into paying us to take the stupid f-ing things...

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    1. I also write poetry about my dog if you're interested.

  3. Fall is sort of toying with us here in Iowa. It was 36F a few nights ago and there have been a few amazingly crisp days (I love crisp days!). However, it was hot today. I really want fall to be here outright. Love the produce, the weather, the trees, and the promise of snow (I'm originally from Minnesota, so I am almost obligated to love snow).

    No iPhone for me. I drop my phone pretty much daily so I know I would break an iPhone within a week.

  4. I remember fall in Iowa being soooo nice...I hope you get some soon!