Friday, September 7, 2012


First off, thanks for the kind words about my post from yesterday. I expected that going off Prozac would cause some moodiness or irritability, but I guess I was surprised that it would in fact cause depression. I guess I sound pretty stupid saying that, since Prozac is prescribed to alleviate depression, but because I didn't take it for depression per se I suppose it took me off guard.

At any rate, I'm sure you'll all be amused to hear that while I did in fact taper off my dose--which was 30 mg--I did so even though my doctor told me that there was no need to taper at all. That is, she told me to just go cold turkey because the drug's half-life means that the drug stays in your system for awhile anyway.

Ummm, geezus that could've been ugly had I taken her freaking advice!!!

Anyhow, I might write more about being on Prozac another time, but for now I'll focus on what I'm focusing on today: namely, fall finally arriving! Today the high was seventy degrees and it's been cloudy and raining pretty much nonstop.

These pics are from a lull in the storming, but you can see more clouds coming and all the wetness on the ground.

I have to say, I'm not usually the biggest fan of fall, but only because I know winter is right behind it. But for some reason I'm totally down with the changing seasons this year. It's been too hot here in Boulder, and I think I could use an excuse--like a snowstorm--to justify staying home all day. The only downside is that along with fall and cooler temperatures comes the influx of spiders indoors. Anyone else? And, unfortunately for me, living in the mountains means that we don't have just regular spiders, but black f-ing widows! Yah--I found one in my sock yesterday morning. I prolly don't have a chemical imbalance due to going off Prozac, but rather, I just had a normal emotional reaction to being so close to a spider of death.


Today I'm also thinking a lot about babies and childbirth, largely because the Queen blogger, aka KERF just gave birth to a son named Mazen. Personally, I'm glad that I'm not a big-time blogger, because then I too would have to think of a name that would dazzle and shock all my readers. Kath had a drug-free labor, and it's really got me thinking about how discourse on childbirth has changed. I mean, drugs for labor became popular in part because women thought it meant that they could be liberated from pain by medical technology. In my case, I used to think that I would take any drugs they gave me as soon as they offered them. However, since getting into the blog world and also since living for a longer time in Boulder, CO--where moms actually feed their kids seaweed--I've started to wonder about the benefits of a natural childbirth.

Unfortunately, none of these books told me if I could live through a drug-free birth:

Just looking at that damned vegetarian pregnancy book makes me want to eat meat during pregnancy just so I don't have to think about grams of B12 and f-ing phosphate (or whatever).

Anyhow, I'm not knocked up and I won't be anytime soon. But I have been perusing these books and will report back about all the juicy details of pregnancy and birth. For instance, did you know that the fetus actually sends signals to the mother's body so that her body doesn't reject the fetus as an invader??!!

*What do you think about Oliver as a boy's name? Will Mr. Oliver get beat up? What if I made him wear navy blue corduroys and he was just a little bit chubby? :-)

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  1. Mazen Duke took me a little off guard I will admit. Based on a post she wrote awhile ago I figured it would be unique (my guess was Basil). Because controversy seems to follow the poor girl around there has been a lot of talk about the name due to its Arabic origin. I will say it is quite the handful, but that seems to be common these days. He's a cutie pie for sure and a drug free birth of that length is quite a feat. I caved and took the epidural after we'd been at the hospital for 19 hours. I was pretty proud I made it that long. It'll be interesting if we have another kid because medically I will probably decline no matter how bad it hurts. I had a bad reaction to it and almost passed out. Was pretty scary. They offer you drugs to make you loopy and I absolutely turned those down and don't think there is any need for narcotics during childbirth. My mom claims your body knows what it's doing much better the second time around and it is faster and easier. I'm in no rush to find out. Kids are awesome though.

    I think Oliver is cute. Cords should only be tan or gray. Or faded black. I think. Wait, does anyone even wear cords anymore????