Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Roundup

In case you're wondering...Haruki is not part Dalmation. That is just the dirt that she got into while on our morning walk. Since our house burned down two years ago nothing is safe from the ashy dirt that in particular covers all the downed trees that Haruki likes to investigate. Sigh. She's going to be the most frequently washed dog ever.

I also wanted to share with you a few shots of life up at our new mountain house. Last night David and I actually ate dinner together out on our deck.

Exhibit A:

Those would be brown rice tortillas slathered with hummus, seitan, almond cheese, and--in David's case--nutritional yeast. I chose not to have my with nooch because I'm having my B12 levels tested next week and I want a realistic portrait of my levels based on how I would usually eat. (While I do love noochy kale I don't really use it for anything else.)

While eating, we saw a birdy.

Exhibit B:

I got a winner, huh? (I mean the bird, not David, though he does look so dashing in the first photo, no?) Perhaps you can't tell from the crap picture, but it's a really beautiful bird with a bright blue breast. Normally I don't give a sh$& about birds, but since moving up to the mountains I've been truly amazed by how beautiful and even majestic they are. (Geez, did somebody up my Prozac today or what??!!) :-)

Anyhow, I actually intended that this post would finally dispel the myth that all the "big" bloggers never post about their fights with their husbands. I was going to write about how I very nearly had to cancel a dinner with friends last week because there was a chance that David would be dead and unable to make it. Hah.

But, instead, I'm going to keep with the uplifting randomness of this post and include another highlight of my day, namely, watching US Open tennis online!!!

Notice the jar of nut butter nearby. 

Despite the horrendous glare it was a real treat to sit back and enjoy some midday tennis. Not having a TV has really hampered my TV gluttony, so being able to watch online was quite the pick-me-up!

*Do you give a shit about tennis? I asked the electrician that was here today if he followed tennis and he looked at me like I had a head injury.

**Edited to add: Do birds have two breasts or only one? It seems like logically they ought to have two, us, though looking at wild birds and chickens it seems like they only have room for one huge breast that shoots out in front. to do some research. Will report back tomorrow on this important matter.


  1. I used to really follow tennis closely and don't anymore. Have to admit I kinda miss it. I played in high school and probably stopped paying attention around 2002ish after college. At least I got to see the end of some great careers (Connors), and pretty much all of the glory years of Sampras, Agassi, Graf, and others.

    1. I loved watching Sampras, but for some reason watching Graf and Agassi was always a bit boring...strange, because I think Agassi at least is objectively more interesting to watch than Sampras, who was a bit vanilla.

  2. You have no idea how many times I had to look at the picture to find the bird!!! The park near our house has a tennis court and every time we pass by The Husband says he wishes he had someone to play tennis with. There is a giant wood backdrop . . . perhaps he can play with himself. That's what she said. Or he said.

    Are you going to do a house tour on your blog when it is all done???

  3. Definitely yes on the house tour! I might even use a decent camera to alleviate some of the viewing difficulties you had with that enormous, well-defined bird in the picture.