Thursday, September 13, 2012

Financial + Literal Assault

Yesterday it looked like this all day:

On campus:

The (non)surprising thing about being on a body-obsessed campus like CU Boulder is that girls/women still wear miniskirts when it's balls-ass cold outside.

Today, not so much on the fall-like cool weather:

It's not super hot, but it's definitely not time for a sweater just yet. Sigh. Guess I'll have to stop eating 60,345 chocolate chips/day as planned. (You know, because I wear a bikini like, everyday in the summer.)

In other exciting news, I started planning our trip to France and Switzerland last night. OMG we totally cannot afford to go to Paris and France!!! Even with the free tickets we got from United Miles Plus this trip is going to be like a financial colonoscopy. We're thinking about spending four days in Paris, after which we will take a train to Annecy, France.

Yes, several tourist did recently meet their deaths near Annecy, but I figure that means that they've met their quota and David and I will prolly be safe. After all, doesn't this look like the face of someone the French are going to love?!!!

I'm thinking not so much. On a more serious note, I'm pretty sure David is going to make some cock joke and some French person is going to maim him/us. Actually, I wouldn't mind if someone would only assault us with croissants or baguettes...

After two days in Annecy we are thinking about taking a train to Montreux, Switzerland:,-switzerland-image14774923

We chose Montreux because: 1) some tourists were also killed there recently, 2) it's supposedly less swanky and expensive than places like St. Moritz, and 3) they have an enormous Christmas festival that starts the second day we will be there!!! Hoooray!!! Last year at Thanksgiving David and I were on a research trip in Bath, England, and the Christmas festival was positively enchanting!!! ( Plus we got engaged after going to the festival:-) ).

So, what do you all think? Any suggestions about places that we should go to rather than Annecy or Montreux? Should I tell my mom and dad about the tourist deaths in Annecy before or after the trip??!!

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