Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's New Look

So first off, how do youz like my new look on the homepage? I'm trying to make it look more like a real blog and less like a shitty diary. Also, I figured I'd better make kale, and not a bookshelf, my main focus. If you aren't a crap blogger like me, do you have any tips for improving my page?

Anyhow, on to the obligatory weekend recap. I can't believe that it's Monday again. My weekend was pretty good--not too busy but filled with a few things that were fun and pleasurable.

First up, we had our friend Christian over to dinner. David made Spicy Seitan Burritos--because that's all we make for our guests lately--and I drank not one, but TWO beers!!! Sadly, I was quite drunk after two beers. It's a good thing I'm not single anymore, because I'd never make it far in the bar scene. Or, even more problematic, I'd prolly get assaulted while intoxicated quite a bit.

On Saturday morning, I poured orange juice for dog lovers at the Boulder Humane Society's Paws for Cause, which is a 5K that raises money for the society.

It was a really pretty morning, and the event was held at the Boulder Reservoir, which makes for a pretty backdrop.

I got sticky pouring all that OJ.

But all the runners/walkers seemed to be grateful.

Actually, in those pictures, the runners/walkers look anxious to get the pancakes they're standing in line for. (On a side note, I've never seen so much butter on pancakes in my life.) (While I don't love syrup on pancakes, butter is another story.)

The best part about volunteering at the race, though? Definitely seeing all the dogs!!! In particular, I saw this little fella, who weighs in at 210 pounds!!!

Can you believe this guy?!! The pictures don't fully show it, but he is ji-freaking-normous!!! (So is, bizness, if you get my drift.)

Sigh. Volunteering this weekend actually made me think that I should volunteer somewhere in addition to the humane society. It's really quite fulfilling--even putting aside all the orange juice I drank:-)

To finish up the weekend I went to the movies by myself to see Lawless. It's good. You should see it. It made me thankful that it is legal for me to drink all the beer I want.

*Do you volunteer? What would you have done during Prohibition? (Freaked your shit? Or started your own distillery like the brothers in the movie?)

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