Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Happy Humpday, y'all! I hope you celebrate with some ... ahem, not humping.

Over here at NCK, it was just another jam-packed humpday. (Take that how you will.)

This morning I hit up my usual Bootcamp class, after which I busted my a$$ to get showered and head down to Denver to meet my friend Shannon for lunch. Shannon and I have been friends ever since we did our Master's together, but since she and her husband moved to Denver we don't see each other quite as often.

A self-portrait on the drive down:

I'm posting this even though my chin looks like an acne dart board and my underarm area looks like a big sloppy slab of jello.

Actually, that reminds me that I shouldn't be talking shit about myself. It's not good for my self esteem, apparently. Also, I need to learn how to take a compliment. Last week a girl at my gym said I looked "so pretty" after I had showered and changed. Instead of saying thank you, I said, "You mean instead of sweaty and scuzzy like usual?" Heh.

Anyhow, here's another shot that the police will use against me if I'm ever in a car accident and they're trying to decide if I am a responsible driver:

Denver through my car's "eyes."

For lunch, Shannon, her baby Priya, and I went to Annie's, which is a little diner on East Colfax. They didn't have much vegetarian food, so I settled for a salad. I know, whomp whomp, boo salad. But at least it had feta and strawberries and orange pieces. And spinach instead of iceberg lettuce!

Excuse the crap photo...for some reason I couldn't get my camera to focus.

After lunch, I walked a bit and admired the Denver streets.

I really like living in Boulder, and in the mountains in particular, but there is something special about walking around a city in the fall.

Post-walk I headed to the Tattered Cover, a local bookstore, to work a bit before a work meeting at two p.m.

Post-meeting I drove home and promptly shoved food in my face because a salad just doesn't cut it for me. Yes, that means that I ate dinner at five p.m., but WTF? Spinach alone doesn't keep me this hilarious and peppy, so I had to dose myself with something more substantial. Like an egg. A fried egg, to be exact.

On top of a big bowl of Amy's Black Bean soup, with almond cheese shreds all up in the mix. It was good, but it brings me to my real post topic, which is eggs. I like scrambled eggs. Up until now, that's all I've liked. I do not like runny eggs oozing their fetus-like slime all over toast, oatmeal, sandwiches, etc. But recently I realized that I might also like fried eggs "hard up," i.e. when they don't seem quite so much like an embryo. And holy pot pie, I was right! And it's so easy to cook when you've got a slightly greasy cast-iron pan sitting on your stove all.the.time.

All of this is really context for me to ask you all how you eat your eggs. In particular, how do you eat them if how you like them is all runny and stuff? I mean, what about runny eggs is good? What do you do to the eggs to make chicken fetus tasty?*

*I apologize if the disgusting-ness of my descriptions of eggs gross anyone out. Email me if you're disgusted by my description and yet you still eat runny eggs. There are probably research psychologists who are looking for peeps like you.


  1. Wait til my wife gets over here and takes you to task since about the only thing she craved while pregnant was "runny eggs".

    Still not sure why she wasn't allowed to have them. Maybe the two placentas would fight in there?

  2. Crap! Balls! First the maple syrup and now the runny eggs?! I'm pissing Joanna off at every turn! It doesn't help that I'm a little bit afraid of her...if she can fix all the stuff around your house she can prolly beat my ass, too...

  3. I'm not a huge fan of eggs. I'll eat them hardboiled every now and then and scrambled if they're fresh, but otherwise I'll pass. And I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking of fetuses every time I see a runny egg from now on. I love the sarcastic and blunt things you say!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I'm glad to hear that I didn't totally gross you out...I was even a little grossed out when I went back and read my post:-) (Not sure why that deserves a smiley face.)

  4. First, for the record, I was here BEFORE the husband, I just don't comment if I'm reading from my phone and not the laptop. Second, sigh. Two placentas fighting is beyond creepy. Third, you exercise WAY more than me so I bet your ass could totally kick mine. That is all.

    1. Ha! I'm glad your husband makes you sigh like that too. It reminds me of last week when we had dinner at our friends' house. When we got there Rebecca said she was glad it was us they were having over, because that meant that nothing her husband said would offend me, i.e. because my husband is an offensive jackass too:-)
      P.S. Not that Mike is also an offensive jackass, but it's nice to know that he sometimes makes you wonder with comments about fetus brawls.