Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Day Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another big day for NCK. This morning started bright and early--around 6:15 a.m.--when I woke up to the loud sounds of rain coming down. Given what we know about our contractor's standard of work (, I was understandably a smidge concerned that I might be getting wet imminently. Sigh. Luckily I did not get wet due to a random leak, but I did get to take out the trash, feed the dog, and get ready for my Bootcamp class at nine a.m. Bootcamp was good, but can I just say that my bottom and upper thighs are still unbearably sore from the Bootcamp class that I went to on Monday? Seriously. I am holding on to the railing--so to speak--when I sit down to pee these days.

Ahem. After my Bootcamp class this morning, I showered at YMCA and headed to Whole Foods for a snack and (some) work. Today I treated myself to (another) Kombucha, as well as a honeycrisp apple with some sunflower butter.

Why do people like sunflower butter, may I ask? It tastes like sunflower seeds, which are a subpar seed/nut if you ask me. And yet everywhere I go in the blog "world," I see piles of oatmeal covered with spluges (yah, spluges) of sunflower butter. Luckily I went with the organic variety, since I won't be eating it again and David will only eat it if it's organic (David = princess.)

To console myself, I ate this pumpkin muffin. Don't worry, though--it's healthy. Instead of sugar they used xylitol, whatever that is.

It's a good thing I haven't gotten around to writing about why bloggers use lots of foods that aren't real in all their baking and cooking. If I had written about why bloggers like to post recipes for sugar cookies when the finished product contains no sugar and actually looks more like a ball of raw dough (is it still dough if it has no "flour," per se, put perhaps just some garbanzo bean dust?) than a cookie, then my eating a xylitol muffin would've seemed pretty hypocritical. Close call:-)

After working for a (tiny) bit, I headed over to campus to say hi to David before class. I was meeting my Dad on the Hill for lunch, so I stopped by David's office, smiled and tried to seem cheerful and fun, and then walked over to meet my Dad. The Hill, in case you're wondering what that is, is described here:

My Dad loves coming up to lunch in Boulder, largely because there is a lot of good people watching, i.e. girls wearing underwear in lieu of skirts, students walking around aimlessly, homeless people, etc. We were originally supposed to grab sandwiches at Half-Fast Subs, but instead we opted to try a new place called Pickled Lemon. It was good! I had the Veggie Mezze Platter, which included hummus, lentils, and all sorts of veggies like roasted harissa carrots, zucchini and mint, eggplant, roasted broccoli, and more. Of course, I neglected to photograph it.

Now I'm sitting in a room at my doctor's, waiting to see someone about getting my B12 levels tested. Like I said, another big day here at NCK.

Aside from my daily dos, I also wanted to write about marital discord today. Joanna got me thinking about it after I asked why bloggers don't blog about being depressed and she noted that they also don't blog about f-ing hating their husbands sometimes. I don't think I quite hate David yet, but I was thinking about this recently because David and I had tentative plans to have dinner with a friend of mine and her husband, but instead I really felt like punching him in the face. Yes, it was totally related to my irritability post-Prozac, but still. What's the protocol on things like that? If you and your partner get into a fight before going out with friends do you just suck it up and fake it? Or do you go and confess to your friends that they should've word clothing that was blood-proof? Or do you make up an excuse and get out of it so you can sit home and seethe?

Tough call, I know.

Also, as an addendum to my official question about wanting to kill your partner, do you all have any suggestions for making my blog less crappy? Should I stop being so lazy/forgetful and start taking and posting more photos? Should I invest in a real camera so that said photos don't look impressionist in style? Should I blog more about something in particular? Should I actually cook things and then share what I learned (uh, like maybe some more kale)?


  1. Answer to Q1: When my partner annoys me, I yell at him & that's the end of it. When I annoy him, he knows better than to tell me or show it in any way :) he knows I'll unleash the crazy on him hehe
    Answer to Q2: I like your blog just the way it is - you can write what ever you are thinking about & I'll read it :D

    1. Best comment everrrrrr! Thank you!!
      P.S. My husband needs to take lessons from your partner...

  2. I second TimTam. I love reading your blog and you should write what you want to.

    1. Holy Pot Pie it's like X-Mas around here with all the compliments!! Seriously, thanks MRose--it makes me feel very happy and grateful to hear that you like reading the blog:-)