Monday, July 9, 2012

It's the Freakin Weekend

Nah--just kidding. It's Monday:-(

On an unrelated note, does anyone remember when it was trendy to say "Cool Beans"? Blech--worst 90's slang everrrrrrr!

Ahem. The weekend. The weekend was good, filled with one special activity in particular--my niece, Morgan's, third birthday party! YAY!

The party was at my brother and sister-in-law's house, and featured lots of beer, cake, and even those little Laughing Cow cheeses. (These come a close second in cuteness to MoMo, as we like to call Morgan.)

Best of all, of course, it featured MoMo, who was extremely excited for each of her presents and kept asking "This fo me?!!!" (She also thanked David and me for our gift when we left--without prompting from her parents!!)

MoMo's older sister Riley likes to "help" her open her gifts.

But the best part was when she tried on her new shoes, which she loved:

Morgan likes to wear all of her birthday gifts at once: new watch, bracelet, tiara, necklace, shoes, and...badge that says, "Birthday Girl."
Later she topped it all off with her new sunglasses:

She's forward-thinking in her fashion aesthetic.

Our Sunday was less exciting, though we did take Haruki for a hike at Mt. Sanitas here in Boulder. She did well and only snarled at one other dog (who, importantly, had jumped on her back while she was turned away). (Speaking of which, tonight is our first "Grumpy Growlers" class at the Humane Society. Hopefully they can teach us to get the sweetest dog EVER to stop attacking other dogs...)

We also enjoyed all the rain that Boulder has been getting, although our brand-new home appears to have a pretty significant leak somewhere...

This is me saying "hi" to our contractor for all the hard work he has put into our house. Thanks to his efforts, when it rains we may need to wear galoshes indoors. (Maybe we'll get little baby galoshes for Haruki.)
Deep breaths in...on the brighter side, rain=rainbows!

*How was your weekend?

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