Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yah, this is going to be a shortie, because I've just opened a beer (Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout--soo yummy) and I'm going to enter a very lazy mode asap.

But I did want to share some of the beautiful scenery that David and I saw on our hike today. Today we headed to the Maroon Bells, which, in case you didn't know, are probably the most photographed peaks in all of Colorado. And I can see why. The hike was peaceful, refreshing, invigorating--all that good stuff. There was flora and fauna (I don't really know what those are), waterfalls, high cliffs, and even black bears! (YES! David and I actually saw one black bear while hiking and another this evening during an after-dinner walk!)

I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more detail, but until then...

Nerd alert.

My hat is shielding my face so you can't tell that I look like I'm tired and ageing:-)

P.S. I looked up my Google Reader subscribers today and found that I lost one. I'm down to five, and I can only assume that is because I admitted that I cuddle with Haruki. Sorry peeps. My bad. Won't happen again.

P.P.S. And really, I'm down to three Google Reader subscribers, since two of them are me and David:-(

*If you have a blog, do you obsessively try to track how many people are reading it?


  1. Wow, I had no idea I was a member of such an exclusive club! Oh and PS if I wasn't already following your blog, seeing you spooning with Haruki would make me follow - I do that with my dog (Mr Bubbles the dobermann) almost every morning :)

  2. Ha--that's a good way of looking at my reader numbers!!
    And thanks for the reassurance regarding Haruki ... though I am beginning to wonder if I need her more than she needs me:-)
    (That can't be a good sign since she needs me for food, shelter, and veterinary care!)

    1. Ah, our four legged friends always give back so much more than we give to them, no matter how much we pamper and spoil them!

  3. Beautiful scenery. One of my goals is to ride my dual sport motorcycle the length of the Trans America Trail ( CO seems to be the most scenic section.

  4. I've done a lot of road biking throughout Colorado, and I can say that exploring the state on two wheels is the best and most beautiful way to go ... even when you factor in a sore bottom:-)