Monday, July 2, 2012

Sad Stepper

Sup, peeps?! Happy Monday! (Is anyone else not completely sure that it is, in fact, Monday?)

I've had a day filled with firsts over here!

My first first happened around 11:30, when I went to a new class at my gym. It was called Step Sculpt, and can I just pause a minute to confess that I cannot do step aerobics? I've tried two step classes now, and both times I literally could not move my legs and body as the instructor directed. Like, I can move fast enough, but not when I don't know where I'm moving said parts. I laughed for a good portion of the class, and it felt pretty good to enjoy looking like a doofy moron--all in the interest of trying something new and challenging!

This dog kicks my ass at step.
After my class, I did not shower, and instead proceeded (in very sweaty, scuzzy fashion) to Native Foods for lunch. My second first was the Greek Gyro bowl, which I ate while completing my third first, which was finishing the whole first paragraph of my dissertation introduction!!

Yuuuuuh-ummmmm this was good! It was quinoa, kale, veggies, and peppered seitan all covered in hummus and a garlic lemon sauce. The flatbread in the background was more like a thin cracker, but even still I thought it was delicious too!

After lunch and a bit of work I went to Home Depot to get something for the house (David said I had to), to the grocery store to grab some Pink Lady apples (these are my most fav apples), and to Nordstrom Rack to feel bad about myself. Aside from the obvious issues like: "Why doesn't this fit me? Am I a bad person because this doesn't fit me?" shopping is horrible because there are so few stores that carry the kind of clothes I like. For example, at Nordstrom Rack they had lots of women's clothing that was just too trendy--if that makes any sense. I was looking for some simple summer dresses--fitted on top and flowy below. Instead, I found a bunch of flowery, ruffle-y dresses with strange cuts and even stranger and artificial fabrics. 

While shopping I seriously considered just changing my style to be the "sporty girl." That way I could just wear my running shorts and yoga pants around town all the time, instead of making any attempt to wear acceptable women's clothing.

*Do you feel out of place when you shop for clothing? Would you rather clean your house than go clothes shopping?


  1. I really don't like shopping at stores but I love shopping online. I don't know why but I find that my ED thoughts are much less when I am trying on clothes at home and not online. Plus, you can find way more options online and many sites have free shipping on returns.
    PS. That bowl looks delicious. I live in Iowa where no one has even heard of seitan much less buys it. I only can have it when my grocery store sometimes carries it.

  2. Hmm...that's a good point about shopping online. Perhaps I should work on my reluctance to return things that don't work (i.e. drag my bottom to the freaking post office) so I can skip store shopping altogether...
    Also, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from/do you live in Iowa? I actually lived in Iowa for a bit while at Coe College in Cedar Rapids. The sun in Colorado eventually lured me back, but I still have some good memories of Iowa!

  3. Yep, I live in Iowa City where I am attending the university for a MD/PhD. I went to Grinnell for undergrad and just graduated this May!
    I'm from Minnesota though, and the copious MN lakes might lure me back to the state at some point in my life.