Friday, July 6, 2012

Coo-Coo Kachoo

Hooray for Friday!!! How do 9-5ers do it?!! Honestly I don't know--I think maybe you just get used to always feeling a little tired, always waiting until a vacation or day off, and/or always feeling like you have loads to do in the little windows between work time?

This morning began bright and early with visits from the gutter men, the drywall peeps, and the landscaping dudes. While our house is going to be lovely once it's finished (and is, in fact, lovely right now), I am so.stinking.tired or people showing up at our door at 7:30 or 8 a.m. It's not that I mind having to get up by then, but rather, I mind that it sucks time to answer the door, check if everything is going okay, calm Haruki down every time someone new comes to the door, etc., etc. I love our house and I'd never go back to renting like I used to, though sometimes I do wistfully remember when I'd wake up and have me and only me to take care of--no dog to walk or feed, no windows/skylights to open and shut, no laundry list of household stuff to do. Wahhhh-Wahhhhh. Crybaby, I know. These aren't complaints per se, but rather reflections on a new stage of life that I've entered. As much as I resist, I'm just not allowed to be (as much of) a self-centered little brat anymore. Boo.

But, I've also got some pretty sweet boons that come with having responsibilities outside of myself:

Haruki: "You give me that treat NOW or I'll bite your face off."

Haruki: "Yeah, that's it--I'm glad you're learning who the real freaking boss is."
*Do you ever miss a time when you had less responsibility? Is this what it means to become one's mother??!!! (AGHHHHHHH!)


  1. Oh my god I miss less responsibility! I just moved into my first apartment and hate having to remember to pay rent, utilities etc. And worry about buying such mundane things as TP and cleaning supplies. Living in a dorm was so much easier. Though I do love the independence of the apartment. So guess it is a trade off.

  2. Cleaning the bathroom is definitely a time when I feel like it is a trade "down!"