Monday, July 23, 2012

Partying with Kurt and Goldie

Only we're staying in a slightly less swanky hotel.

At least I figured out that the bad smell in the room is coming from Haruki's new bone and not the bed, the floor, me, etc.
In case you don't follow celebrity news, my little reference to "Kurt and Goldie" means that David, Haruki, and I are in Aspen, Colorado. We're here until Thursday because the floors and stairs at home are being stained and we had to be out. I'd been to Aspen before, though only for one-night stints while doing Ride the Rockies bike tour. As such, I jumped at the chance to come here when David asked where I might like to spend our four homeless days.

So far, so good, though I have to say that Aspen doesn't feel like a quintessential Colorado mountain town. By that I mean that it is too swanky for it's own good, and people (so far) don't seem to be as nice.

Exhibit A: 

David and I walked into an art gallery this evening because we liked this painting of a bear staring at butterflies.

Unfortunately, we had already spent $42,000 on dinner, so we couldn't afford this painting--whomp whomp!

Not only that, but dinner was pretty lame to boot! We got takeout from Pyramid Bistro and went to sit here to eat:

We tried their crunchy kale chips, veggie potstickers (David's choice), homemade veggie burger, and tofu/veggie stir fry. Once again, I remembered halfway through that I ought to photograph my mediocre food.

The veggie burger was pretty good, but that stir fry reminded me of when I ate a lot of Lean Cuisine meals.

On the up side, the scenery isn't too bad, 

and I'm here with my two favorite dawggggggs.

After all, vacation is just a chance to respond to emails in a new location, right?

And yes, we brought Haruki with us. More on the joys of traveling with a dog tomorrow. Heh.

*Ever been to Aspen? Any spots we should check out? Tips on traveling with a dog? Heeeeeeeelp meeeeee...

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