Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Monday...La la, la la la

I'm afraid that I have to make this relatively quick, since it's 8 p.m., I've just gotten home, and I still have a shower and several other things to take care of before I bid adieu for my bed.

I'll start with the weekend. It was mostly good, though perhaps not great. We did have a great visit with my parents on Saturday night, as well as a birthday party for David's mother last night.

In addition, we shopped: dresses for me, and wedding bands for him:

I'm looking for a dress to wear on the night before our wedding. If I look annoyed in the picture on the right it's because: 1) that dress looks like a gingham sack, and 2) David kept making me come all the way out into the store to see how I looked. Am I the only one who loathes having other people see me while I'm trying things on? On the bright side, by putting this photo up I'm saying "Who gives a f*$%."

Thankfully David is not actually interested in most of these rings. Rather, he is thinking about having something custom-designed that combines elements of some of these rings. Although if he wore one of the garish numbers above that might assuage any fears I have of other women hitting on him. Actually, the fact that he wears this hat does that anyway:

Per my Friday wishes, we also made pancakes!! Banana-Cinnamon pancakes, to be precise. (Do I have to state that they were whole grain, or will you just know that I'm a worthwhile--rather than worthless-person?)

OK--off to shower. Just as soon as I'm done eating this chocolate...

*What was the best part of your weekend? Do you worry that you won't be able to sleep when you've eaten chocolate right before bed?


  1. I agree with passing on the sack. Seems a bit sailorish. Kudos for posting the picture though, I like my bloggers to be real ;)

    The best part of my weekend was a full Sunday spent with the hubs and the boy. Bliss. Now who's domesticated here???

    My Father In Law claims even one M&M before bed keeps him awake. Seriously? One measly M&M??

  2. I'm glad you like your bloggers to be "real." I was just about to post a picture of my cellulite. (Yay!)
    Your weekend does sound pretty domesticated--I'm totally in awe of the fact that there were tasks to be done around the house and you actually did them. I feel pretty good just when I vacuum.
    And your father in law sounds a lot like David--he won't eat chocolate after three p.m. because (he thinks) it will keep him awake. That means we never get chocolate desserts when and if we choose to eat dessert at a restaurant after dinner:-(
    (I am sick of eating fruit f-ing tarts for special out-to-dinner desserts!)