Friday, July 20, 2012


If you read my last post ( then you already know that I'm losing my shiiiiiiit:

Actually, I took this picture in the bathroom at Whole Foods after I had my makeup done for the wedding last week. I look kind of like a horse on LSD in this picture--hmmm. . .prolly not the look the makeup artist was going for...

However, if you read the news this morning (, then you also know that me feeling kooky isn't too high up on the list of things that will ruin your week.

Sigh. I have nothing original to add to the discussion that these events inevitably incite, but I did spend today reminding myself that:

1) I'm healthy.
2) The people I love are healthy and live near me.
3) I'm a very lucky woman.
4) Also, I like lists. They are a nice solution for the tension between my laziness and my desire to write well on this blog.

In other news, I didn't spend all day today thinking only about myself! Yeeeeowww!

I went in for a shift at the Humane Society, and gave some pent up dogs some much-needed exercise.

Exhibit A: Toby!

Toby is only seven months old, with soft brown eyes and really shiny pretty cute floppy ears. Check him out:

And Pinto (not the best name for a dog, I think):

Pinto was a real sweetheart, and jumping in the cool creek (it's 100 degrees here today). So while I didn't cure cancer today, I did give two very sweet dogs a nice afternoon walk and cool-off. (Shrug) Better than staying home and thinking hateful thoughts about your mom myself.

*For what are you grateful today?

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