Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two-Topic Thursday

Our first topic for the day is Body Pump. I went. Again. Here's the proof:

Yes, I always choose a spot in the back--come on--nobody looks good from behind when they are sticking their bottom out like it's being served on a platter!
For the last week or two I've also been staying for the class right after Body Pump, which is called Cardio Blast and involves some plyometrics, strength training, step aerobics, and core work. I call this a "double header," and it brings me to my next topic, which is: pre-wedding dieting.

Obviously, as a former anorexic and bulimic, I try to avoid anything that resembles dieting. However, even with my "non-wedding" wedding, it's hard to ignore the media hype around brides feeling like they have to lose weight before they give away their freedom get married.

Originally I had intended to avoid this trap by envisioning a short, flirty, and forgiving wedding dress, a รก la:
Cute, right? Who knows how big that model's hips/bottom/stomach are--and that's the point of the dress!!! Actually, we all know how "big" the model's bits are. But my point is that if I were wearing it, who knows how many cupcakes I could eat the day before the wedding--with no (apparent) fatty consequences.

On the day of wedding dress shopping, however, which I only agreed to do because it was important to my mother (Hi Mom! I love you!), I must've had some kind of hormonally-induced lapse of judgment because what I ended up with is form fitting, long, lacy--a legitimate wedding dress!

My dress is very pretty and I'm extremely grateful that my Mom and Dad wanted to get the dress for me. has caused me the tiniest amount of stress because I know that I'm two (medium) pizzas away from feeling like a lumpy sausage in a lace casing. OK, not really, but that's what the ED thoughts tell me when I eat three bowls of Peanut Butter Puffins. I've resisted the (strong) temptation to engage in some form of dieting, but I do think that my wedding dress is, at least in a very small way, part of the reason I'm doing these twice-a-week "double headers" at the gym. Mostly I'm doing it because it makes me feel really good, and it's wonderful to feel excited about fitness and exercise rather than feeling like I have to do it because I ate too much f-ing cereal.

So, where's the fine line between wanting to move my body in a way that makes me happy versus punishing it for something (a wedding) that is--after all--not important? (Really--in case it hasn't been obvious before--I care very little about this wedding.) (That sounds mean, like I'm going to hurt my Mom's feelings. Sorry, Mom!)

*What about you--did/do you feel pressure to look perfect on your wedding day?


  1. Wedding dress advice from a dude? Why not! I've already started down this rabbit hole of following some of my wife's favorite blogs. Might as well go full bore.

    Do whatever makes you and your soon-to-be spouse happiest. That's all that matters. I shaved off some facial hair for our wedding mainly because my Mom repeatedly told me I had to look more presentable, and now I hear all the time how much my wife hates our pictures because "they don't look like me."

    Sounds like we're both lucky to have great, caring parents. Just do what makes you happiest, including your amount of pre-nuptial exercise.

    1. Sorry for the juvenile humor, but I can't read "Pre-Nuptial" without thinking sex. Can anything be prenuptial without pertaining to sex? I think not...
      And I'd much rather have a dude's advice on wedding dresses--after all, if I'd taken all of the advice I got from my fellow female wedding dress shoppers, I'd be wearing a dress that makes me look like a giant cupcake with frosting rather than the one I chose!

    2. I thought pre-nuptial meant sex too when I read that. Aaaaaand if you knew my husband, it probably does.

    3. I can't read "Peanut Butter Puffins" without thinking of sex, so...... I win?

    4. You scared this puffin away with your dirty puffin talk!

  2. I have found when exercise becomes something I hate doing, I have to re-assess how much and what I am doing. Exercise should be for enjoyment, stress relief, and health...not as a punishment or as an added pressure. I am by no means saying it is hard to not over-exercise but I hope this helps.

    Also, I think you are going to look amazing beautiful on your wedding day. I can't wait to see pictures.

    1. Ummm, thank you x20 for your kind words--that really made my day better!
      I think you're right about exercising for enjoyment--and that in itself seems like a good sign, since I never ever saw it that way when I was overexercising and starving myself!