Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Try, Try Again

Despite my utter failure to follow the instructor's cues in step class yesterday, I decided that today I'd go for it--a double header with Body Pump followed by Cardio Blast. Does anyone else feel like the name "Cardio Blast" is subtly telling women that they need to "Blast" fat and calories away? Or maybe they mean that the class itself is a "blast." Based on my one experience with this class, I'd say it's unclear. The class was fun, though something feels a bit "icky" about a class that is (seemingly) designed to burn fat and has a following of loyal female peeps who take their class a bit too seriously.

That being said, almost all of the patrons of my gym are healthy, normal people looking to get some good exercise. And "Cardio Blast" did that. It even included a lot of step aerobics moves, which I was better able to perform today!!! Maybe you can teach a dumb rhinoceros to do new tricks!

After my gym session I booked it to Whole Foods to get some Emerald Sesame Kale. I'd had a bar right before my classes, so I didn't need too much but wanted to get some greens in. After getting home I also partook of a boatload of cherries and watermelon, as well as some of these yummy veggie chips from Whole Foods.

Gotta sign off now...it's already 3:20 and David and I have plans at 5 p.m. for a date night! We're going down to town to do "our thing," which we call "Teach and Learn Night." It's kind of like trivia night, only sixty zazzillian times more geeky. We go to the Boulder Bookstore and each spend thirty minutes reading a book of our choice. Afterwards we have dinner or apps or drinks at a restaurant on Pearl Street while we tell each other what we learned. Sigh. My brother is making fun of me somewhere for this.

Despite the extreme nerdiness of this activity, it is actually really fun! David and I both have very different topics that we are interested in, so we both get to learn about things that we wouldn't ordinarily investigate. (This is not always fun, e.g. when David decided that I'd want to learn about the physics behind an airplane's wings and its turning.)

*Do you and your person have any traditions like this? Does to you--like it does to me--that one is definitely old if s/he is scheduling "Date Night?"

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