Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm a Rock Star!

Not really, but that's the way I felt on my mountain bike ride with my Dad this morning! I've been getting so hooked on my classes at the gym that I've been neglecting my riding, and this morning I really felt excited to be out there.

My Dad and I are both novice mountain bikers, though we are quite familiar with the road and usually ride our road bikes together pretty frequently.

We headed to Marshall Mesa Trail, which is a series of pretty gentle hiking and biking trails in South Boulder. It doesn't hurt that the trails sit right up against the mountains, so the views are pretty killer:-)

Dad walking the bike up a very technical spot. (I did the same)

Dad coming down, though not as fast as I diddddddd!

I am also a badass for posting a picture of myself that highlights my crooked teeth and general sweaty goodness:-)

We did a pretty easy ride--prolly 1 hr and 30 minutes, but I still managed to get VERY  dirty! I have to say, I kinda liked picking and flicking mud off my tires--there's nothing like getting really muddy to make you feel like a you're a kid on summer vacation.

Now I really need to sign off, quit checking Facebook, Google Reader, and DailyMail* and get cracking on more of my dissertation introduction.

*Is anyone else shamefully fascinated by the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce? Am I bad person because I read the DailyMail, which is surely the most catty and snotty of all celebrity sources?


  1. I think TomKat broke up because Katie Holmes decided she really wanted to wear heels again. What? Tom Cruise is short.

  2. Haha--I just looked it up--he's only 5'7--ouch! On the other hand, if I could either: be a megalamillionaire, or be able to reach things on high shelves, I think I'd take option least then I could hire someone to get me things from the top shelf!

  3. P.S. My "haha" was somewhat stifled because I am, in fact, only 5'6 1/2 and thus shorter than Tom Cruise.
    (That last half inch is where I keep all my good ideas.)

  4. Yes well, Katie is 5'9 so that makes Tom EXTRA short. 5'6 is tall for a woman. I think I read once the average American woman is 5'4. That 1/2 difference between you and Tom just means he would never divorce you. Don't tell David I said that.