Monday, February 4, 2013

Week-End Roundup

So, it's Monday again. The weekend, in my opinion, went by too fast and was kind of mediocre.

You might recall that on Friday night David's parents were taking us out to dinner at Frasca. Well, that did in fact happen, and as I predicted, I was too chicken to take pictures of that award-winning food. I will say a few things about the experience though. First, it was definitely the most expensive meal that I've ever had or witnessed. Second, having a four course tasting menu takes a hella long time. Like, three hours. So, in the future, don't go having tasting dinners with people that you can't chat it up with longtime style. Third, the food was good. Really good. But not OMG the best thing I've ever tasted good. So there's that.

Saturday was a purdy boring day. I went to a class at my gym and then went shopping. Haruki does this every time I come home with grocery bags and set them on the floor to take my shoes and coat off:

I like that she does this. It's like, not only does she protect us from mountain lions and foxes, but she's also our own private bomb, errr, muffin sniffer. She really nuzzles around in there too--like a plump little heifer looking for truffles.

For dinner on Saturday night, I made us veggie burgers and sweet potato french fries:

Washed down with a little treat, namely some decaf Bhakti Chai that I picked up at the store that morning.

On Sunday morning we kind of did our usual thing: take Haruki for a hike around our house together, though we did start with a pancake breakfast beforehand. David makes good pancakes, but I always help him out by adding a little cinnamon, vanilla extract, and fruit. Yesterday it was bananas and blueberries, and those silver dollars were tasty!

The ones with blueberries kind of look like little fetuses, don't they. Eeew, sorry.

This is me trying to learn to love maple syrup. 

David also made us a smoothie, but unfortunately added mixed greens to it instead of spinach.

It looks pretty, but man it tasted terrible. I could barely choke it down even with closing my eyes and trying to take it in big gulps.

For Sunday afternoon and evening we were planning to stay home, but at the last minute one of David's colleagues and his wife invited us over for dinner to celebrate another colleague who recently became a full professor. (Did that make sense?) (Brad, do you want to guess whom these people might be?) Our host made us really wonderful Indian food, and afterwards we took a quick walk with their plump dog. [ Got it yet, Bradley? :-) ]

So, no, we didn't actually watch any of the game, though I did watch Beyoncé's half-time performance online when we got home. That girl is brave, man--she was seriously, like, making love to the camera for half the show! I would've giggled and blushed the whole time. I guess that's why she's married to Jay Z and I'm married to someone who studies the truth value of conditional statements. Ha!

*Best thing you ate at a Super Bowl party yesterday?

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