Monday, February 11, 2013

Food Photo Slurry

I'm afraid this post isn't going to be much more than what the title suggests--a flurry of photos, mostly of my weekend eats. The weekend wasn't too thrilling, and the highlights were a date night with a movie on Friday (we saw Identity Thief) and having our friends Scott and Dana and their son over for lunch on Sunday afternoon. We had (unpictured) pancakes and fruit salad, and I must say I'm enamored with fruit salad. So easy! So tasty! Who would've thought that this ex-Reese's eating girl--who always said that desert wasn't meant to have fruit in it--would really like fruit salad? Don't worry too much, though; I got a serious craving for cake earlier tonight, so I suspect that you'll be seeing some of that on the blog soon;-)

Here's dinner on Saturday night, with just me and David and our usual veggie burgers:

Part one of my lunch from today:

I only ate part of this because I was starving after my bootcamp class but I knew I had some delicious homemade soup waiting for me at home. The soup was courtesy of our friends David and Christine. My David had dinner over there last night and Christine was thoughtful enough to send some home for me! It was lightly snowing all day up at our house today, so a nice comforting soup--with crackers and crunchy pepitas(!)--was just the ticket!

And finally, tonight's dinner. I'd been craving pasta lately, so first I browned up some aduki beans and brussel sprouts before tossing it all with some whole wheat ear pastas.

Topped off with parmesan cheese, of course.

And with that I'm off to read before bed. Have I mentioned that I'm currently reading Les Misérables? Before you go all thinking that I'm really high-cultured, keep in mind that I'm really enjoying the book because I keep thinking how much better it is without all the singing. I haven't seen the new Les Mis movie, and while I am tempted (really by anything set in 19th c. Europe) I just don't think I can handle an entire movie being sung.

*Do you like musicals? What about noodles?

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