Friday, February 8, 2013

Stylish Sleeping

Hey y'all. Sometimes I wish I was from the South so that I could get away with saying y'all. It's feel right for me to say it. Actually, that reminds me of yesterday, when I got my teeth cleaned. My dental tech person has a strong Mississippi accent and I talk to her I find myself turning on a slight Southern accent--all when I've never had a piece of coconut cake in my life!

Anyhow, I didn't have coconut cake for lunch. Sigh. But I did have more eggs--go figure! With olives and salsa and brown rice chips, to be precise.

In addition to this thrilling lunch, I also took delivery on my new mattress and bed this afternoon! Yay! I'm finally a grown-up with a grown-up bed. Before I could get my bed, however, I had to tame Haruki so that the delivery guy didn't get mauled. Once I bribed her with a poor cow's bone she softened right up:

Just so you guys know, however--and by "you guys" I mean all my psychopathic readers--that wouldn't work if it wasn't me giving Haruki the bone. She really flips her lid when strangers come in or near the house. It drives me nuts but everyone says "That's what you want in a dog."

Anyhow, look at my new bed!!!

The mattress isn't eight years old! And it's not on the floor!! It's on a proper frame with a headboard and everything!! (Though I don't have a nightstand yet, and thus my alarm clock is still on the floor. Oh well.) Anyhow, I'm pretty impressed with myself. It seems like a big deal to have a cozy bed setup such as this one. What do you guys think? Isn't it a mark of adulthood when you stop sleeping on mattresses in rental apartments and really set up a bedroom + bed?

Despite having an old person's bed, however, I'm still going to see Identity Thief tonight. I just know it's going to be ridiculously dumb, but I can't help myself from wanting a really funny escape movie. Hopefully it's at least a little funny. Wish me luck, and have a good weekend your own bad selves!

*Do you have an adult-like bed setup? Do you think I'm reading too much into beds and mattresses?

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  1. The bed looks great! I don't have a fancy one like that, but Brian got me a fancy new pillow for Christmas, which is THE BEST THING EVER. It's a buckwheat pillow, which is kind of like a big bean bag. It's so comfortable, and it really helps with my neck pain.