Monday, February 25, 2013

Longest Hall Pass EVA!

Yah, that's right, I'm a delinquent. My bad, peeps. After not feeling well last week, we had to jet off to Mexico, after which I came home exhausted. I also have three weeks to completely finish my dissertation, so add all that up and you get one flustered little kaleater. Yah, that's a word.

Anyhow, the good news is that I'm baaaaack in the game, and with pictures of Mexico to boot! (Woot!)

Just to recap, we went to Punta Mita, Mexico, which is just outside of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific side of Mexico. For her own seventieth birthday my mother-in-law treated the whole family, so a big shout out to Carolyn for hosting and organizing!!!

I know I said I hated Mexico the last time I was there, but this time it really grew on me. Perhaps that's because I was sharing a room with my husband rather than my twin brother. Or perhaps it's because my birthday happened to fall during the trip and everyone made me feel very special. Or perhaps it's because I'd been feeling particularly tired and needed a time out. In any case, being greeted at check-in with this view, along with chips and (the best) guacamole didn't hurt matters:

Also not so bad:


Our first full day in Mexico happened to be my birthday (I'm thirty two!!!! Yikes!!), so I was greeted with presents from my family as well as this lovely birthday treat from the hotel:

And as if that weren't enough, after dinner that night they brought out an entire mariachi band and this little treat:

This was the perfect birthday cake for me. The inside was a really smooth white cake, and the frosting throughout was light and not overly sweet. (I hate royal icing!!!)

During the day itself we went boogy boarding and played beach volleyball (my team won). We also spent a fair amount of time here:

with this view:

Like the cake, the food at our resort was also really good--especially breakfast. They had the most amazing and extensive buffet every morning, with every kind of fruit, pastry, and bagel topper, along with an omelet bar, a full juice/smoothie bar, and pancakes/french toast/waffles galore. Here's my breakfast on the first day:

That's beaucoup de fruit, a tasty juice that they made fresh for me, a bit of muesli, and a piece of french toast with peanut butter. So good.

Lunches weren't so bad either, especially given that you can actually order them from your beach chair.

It got windy here for a bit, which is why my legs are covered by this towel.

It was like heaven--I ordered a veggie burrito, and even though it didn't come with it and I didn't order them, I got french fries!!

All in all, I'd say Mexico really redeemed itself with me, and not just because I got to eat french toast, french fries, and birthday cake. But because everyone we met was exceedingly nice and the whole trip was really just a welcome respite from reality. I can't see myself going every year or something, but when I do go back to Mexico I know I'll look forward to it!

*Where have you been to in Mexico that you really liked? How do you feel about resort/beach vacations that aren't necessarily planned around outings, seeing sights, etc.?


  1. Wow. I want to go. Right now! That place looks great. I'd probably get bored after a few days (I usually do at resorts), but after all the job market stress, I could really use a real vacation.

  2. YOU'RE BACK!!! YAY!!! I was getting worried you decided to up and move to Mexico or something. I have never been to Mexico and have no desire to go. Every flipping person I know who has gone there has come back sick. I know, I know going to a resort is supposed to be totally safe, but the water Nikki, the water! I hear Mexican water is bad.

    I have to admit though your pictures are beautiful and relaxing and made me realize it's been awhile since I lazed on a beach. Our honeymoon to Hawaii was probably my last beachy experience and that was, ahem, awhile ago.

    I'm a smidge jealous of your birthday bash. My birthday is so near Christmas we are never anywhere fun for it.

    I'll give you a hundred bucks to make me that fruit juice drink right now. So thirsty. It looks so tasty. Maybe I need to pull out the juicer...

    Anyway, glad you are back safe and sound!! I meant to comment earlier today but the toddler has been renamed Mr. Crankypants.

    1. I'm glad to hear that you're glad to hear that I'm back, but now I'm worried that you didn't get the message I sent you--on Friday?
      And RE: the water, since my MIL was paying we stayed at the nicest resort ever--literally, the Four Seasons--and thus all of our water was poured from a chilled and previously unopened bottle. I drank more Pellegrino fizzy waters than I can count!
      And that sucks about your lack of b-day celebrations, though I'm usually in the same boat--not because of Christmas, though my bday is three days after Valentine's Day, but because we just don't do much for birthdays. Maybe next year I'll insist that we spend my bday with my MIL (who organized my surprises) again so I can get some continued birthday specialness:-)

  3. I've been to Cozumel twice (both when I was younger) and my mom likes to drag out the pictures of me covering myself with a beach towel from head to feet with just my eyes peeking out because I'm so darn pale and fry really really easily. Other than that, I remember loving it! I just hope you didn't get cornrows put in like I did... Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! That resort looks positively breathtaking.

    1. Haha--my nieces got cornrows--worst.idea.ever!!! It's funny, though, because they don't call them cornrows; they say "braids" instead. Like that makes them less hideous!