Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, Nacho Day!

No it's not national nacho day or anything, but I do happen to be eating nachos for dinner tonight. We're going on a walk with our neighbors this afternoon, after which we're making nachos for dinner.

Breakfast today was not nachos, surprisingly (right?), but cereal instead. It's been awhile since I ate cereal for breakfast, but today I did it up with sliced banana and everything.

Sliced banana in cereal = basically the same as making pancakes, at least in regards to fancy-ness of the breakfast. There's just something about slicing a banana that makes a regular bowl of cereal feel more like a prop on the set of a healthy lifestyle commercial.

Lunch wasn't too fancy--just a hummus sandwich from Whole Foods that I doctored up with some feta cheese. I ate this, once again, at like eleven o'clock, but at least I wasn't sitting in my car like yesterday.

I'm also upping my veg-intake by having some roasted squash and zucchini with parmesan cheese this afternoon.

And, to be as transparent as possible, I also ate four saltine crackers and half a KIND nut bar.

Now I'm settled on my couch, working on that f-ing dissertation

and wishing it was time to take a walk and eat nachos.

*What about you--are you friendly with your neighbors? Or are you like my family was growing up and you literally hide when your neighbor knocks on your door?

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  1. We were always friends with our neighbors growing up but I've yet to make friends with any apartment neighbors since I moved out of my parents' house, so I must be the unfriendly one. Do you mind if I ask what your dissertation is about?