Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Me and My Valentine

Since Valentine's Day is like two shakes away I thought I do another photo flashback, but this time of pictures of me and David. Most of these pictures were taken at the beginning of our relationship, and as a result I look pretty happy in all of them. Don't get me wrong; I'm happy now too, but at the time I was so dazzled by how much I liked David and how much fun we had together. So, without further adieu:

David and I took this picture with a self-timer at the very, very beginning of our relationship. This was at his old house (the one that burned down), and I think we were making something together--maybe bread of some kind? At any rate, that's why there is a little red smudge on my nose--it's from the dough or something.

Next up? Our first double date, which we went on with our friends Michaela and Christian. There's a bowling alley right in the student center on campus, so we met there for a little friendly competition.

You can't tell from this shot, but the backs of our t-shirts said something derogatory about our competitors, err, friends:-)

In addition to going bowling, David and I were pretty active in general. Our first "date," which wasn't at that time even a date, was cycling, and though I didn't get a picture of that (because I didn't think I'd end up dating this goofball), I did get a picture of our first snowshoeing trip at Brainard Lake. (Brainard Lake is a recreational area just west of David's house.)

Despite the fact that I generally suck at outdoor winter sports, David and I also made plans (relatively) early in our relationship to go to Telluride, Colorado. I had never been there, and we spent (I think) a long weekend there doing some downhill and back country skiing. And eating, of course:

All I really remember from this trip is that it was c.o.l.d.! And, I couldn't forget our stop in Ouray, Colorado on the way back, where we had the best homemade sandwiches on really thick cut bread at a local bakery/cafe. Apparently I was inspired to pose:

Ouray is beyond beautiful, btw. You should go if you ever have the chance.

We also took a trip to NYC one winter so David could give a talk at Columbia. Of course I was way more interested in all the vegetarian restaurants in NYC, including Candle Cafe, where we ate quite a feast:

David always looks like he's molesting me in pictures, doesn't he?

I had been to NYC several times before, but it's a completely different town when you're there with someone who used to live there and thus knows all the best places to eat, how to get around, etc. (David went to grad school at NYU.)

And finally, as an ode to my Valentine, here is David two years ago at my family's reunion in Grand Lake, Colorado. I can't help but think that I'm lucky some handsome fellow didn't mistake David's posturing and try to steal him away from me! (Either that or he just really likes having his picture taken!)

*What are some of your fondest memories from when you and your person starting dating? Or, if you don't currently have a "person," tell me what you're doing for the big love day?


  1. Cute pictures! I'll have to postpone Valentine's day celebrations this year. Will be on a plane to Texas for a job talk. The job stuff is going pretty well so far, but that means no visits to Boulder :-(. I think I'll be back in town in March, hopefully with a job in hand.

    1. GAH!!! That's so exciting! I can't wait to hear all the details, and I hope the search is going well for both you _and_ Brian!

    2. PS David sends you lots of reason because according to him, "luck is for chumps."

    3. Tell him I appreciate that. Also, if he has some spare sleep, I'll take that as well. I actually booked myself a hotel by the airport for next Wednesday, because I have 11 hours in LA between two flyouts, and going home seemed silly. It's walking distance from the terminal, so it'll be land->eat->sleep->eat->depart.

    4. David is unwilling to lend you any sleep, sorry:-)