Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Funny Story

OK, it's not really that funny, but it is kind of funny that yesterday, while blogging about how beautiful Mexico was, Boulder and the surrounding areas were digging out from a major snowstorm that dropped over a foot of snow in my backyard.

This is during the storm on Sunday:

And of course it was bright and sunny by Monday morning:

This trend, when it snows a lot and then gets sunny and warm, is definitely a perk of living in Colorado that you just don't get in, say, Iowa.

Yesterday David and I took advantage of the big snowfall and went snowshoeing instead of hiking around our house. This gives you some idea of the amount of snow that fell:

And here is me after I sat in the snow for awhile on a break from hiking:

Is it just me, or is sitting and laying in the snow (while you're wearing snow pants) like, the most freeing and pleasurable thing ever? It's so refreshing, yes?

Anyway, it's also funny that I'm writing about Sunday's snowstorm today, since today we got hit with another storm and it has looked like this outside our window all day long:

I still got to the gym this morning, though, before it had snow too much. Since I knew the drive home might take a bit longer I even did something strange and bought an egg salad sandwich from Whole Foods. And I ate half of it in the car. See?

I'm an animal, I know. That was literally the only egg salad sandwich I've ever eaten or purchased, so that's funny too, right?

*Does it get sunny right after a storm where you live, or does it usually stay cold and cloudy for awhile after a storm?


  1. Weird, we got snow on Sunday, sun on Monday and snow on Tuesday too! Just kidding. You gotta love Colorado weather. I was thinking this week that I could NOT live somewhere that wasn't sunny a majority of the time like CO is. Sunshine does wonderful things for my mood.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I don't know how people in really cloudy states get through winter at all.