Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recent Eats

OK, so there has been literally nothing going on around here lately. My bad, peeps. But, good news ahead! Next Saturday David and I are leaving for a quick four-day jaunt to Mexico! David's Mom is turning seventy this year, and to celebrate she is taking the whole family to stay at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita.

The only other time I've been to Mexico was about eight years ago with my family, and I hated it. In part I hated it because I was a single person sharing a room with my brother Brian. I also hated it, however, because resort vacations aren't my top choice as far as vacations go. It sounds so nice to sit around in the sun and drink free drinks all day, but in my mind that makes for a very long day.

The moral of the story, however, is that when someone offers to take you to Mexico, you just shut up and say yes. So at the very least I'll have some tropical pictures to share with you all soon. Until then, here are some of my recent eats.

Today's lunch:

Today's snack + work:

As you can see, I've been on a serious egg kick lately. Breaking news, I know. The slightly unfortunate part of my "kick" is that I'll prolly eat eggs everyday for the next three weeks and then feel sickened by the thought of them. If only I was mature enough to ration my little fetus-eating habit; then I could enjoy them for many more years. Someday.

*What are you eating obsessively at the moment?


  1. I am obsessed with sweet potatoes lately. I could have one every day. I love how easy they are to make and you can top it with so much stuff! This reminds me that I am out of them and NEED to go to the grocery store ASAP.

    1. Maybe I should get on the sweet potato wagon. I don't eat very many orange things...
      P.S. Have you learned/seen anything awesome in med school recently?! (I'm a groupie)

    2. We are taking Neuroscience now so we get to dissect the brain, which is awesome. Haven't cut into it yet, sort of looking at the surface and the spinal cord at the moment. Neurotissue is just so fragile that it is hard to imagine that it is responsible for making us who we are.
      Also, I shadowed an OB-GYN....not the job for me. Too many up and close lady parts, pregnant woman, and babies.
      And you should definitely get on the orange train. My meal tonight consisted of sweet potato, orange, and carrots with hummus :)

  2. I realize this is about to make me sound like I'm 90 years old, but dates, I have been obsessively eating dates. If you smear some peanut butter in the middle, it's to die for! My parents once took my sister and I on a trip to Hawaii and we hated it and complained the whole time. I feel really bad about it now but I feel less bad after saying you hated your trip to Mexico.

    1. I think the date thing is fairly common--all the "big" bloggers do it, but I just haven't quite learned to love dates. I'm not sure why; I eat prunes with almond butter all the time, so clearly I'm okay with eating like a ninety year old:-)

  3. I maintain that I've always loved dates, as I grew up with a mother who ate them all the time. As a kid, I was always confused when other kids didn't know what dates were. I think my mom just liked them so she could make corny jokes about "having a date."