Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Shots

First up: our Friday night pizza party/baby shower. I think I mentioned this on Friday, but my sisters-in-law and my mom simply would not relent about throwing a baby shower for me and David. So, we insisted that it was a night-time pizza party where beer and pizza and dessert were pretty much the main attraction.

They even got us a vegetarian pizza! We ate, caught up, talked about baby stuff and baby names, and just generally relaxed until later in the evening, when we opened a few gifts and organized a pool for when baby might arrive. In case you're not Irish Catholic, let me tell you that a bunch of male Irish Catholics _love_ something to bet on. Hence:

Apparently my uncle, who wrote this, had trouble spelling "baby." Also, the "Mc" is short for my last name and the "David?" is short for my uncle's jokes about how David doesn't really know if the baby is his. Heh.

On Saturday David and I took our infant CPR/First Aid class and also made a trip to the Farmer's Market. It was pretty lovely walking around the market in the cool air and sunshine. I've had to work Saturdays for awhile now and had missed making those Saturday market trips.

Also of note this weekend was Haruki's latest attempts to get as close to David as possible during a rain storm.

Yes, David wears Crocs around the house.

And finally, some recent eats. I'm still cooking every night, and last night we had a simple dinner of brown rice, aduki beans, and some roasted broccoli. I topped mine with parmesan cheese, olive oil, and hot sauce while David opted for nutritional yeast and cashews.

It doesn't sound very appetizing, but I can vouch that brown rice (cooked with some veggie or meat bouillon) with parmesan cheese and olive oil is pretty tasty and comforting.

This morning I had something of a food fail, as I tried to put some protein powder on my raisin bran. So I can also vouch that you shouldn't do what I did.

I mixed it all up before eating it, but it was still pretty yucky.

*What have you cooked/made recently that sucked a#$?

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