Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Autumnal Delivery

So, fall is definitely here, friends. I know this because it's been rainy and foggy all day up here in our little mountain house. Hence the photo taken from indoors:

And hence the fall produce that is in the oven right now:

Like the basil I've been consuming so copiously, these acorn squashes were a gift from my friend Liz's garden. If only we lived closer together I could just go to her house for dinner instead of mooching her produce and having to cook it myself:-)

In typical Nikki-fashion, this first day of clouds and fog made me a less productive person. Granted, I am cooking dinner right now instead of eating cereal, which is an improvement that I can attribute only to nesting hormones. But I did have a few things around the house and on the computer that I should've taken care of and did not. I did go to Body Pump, however, so there's that. And I've spent the rest of the afternoon watching a Werner Herzog documentary about these trappers in Siberia. It's pretty interesting. I wouldn't say I'm an uber-intellectual documentary person (I mean, I watch Teen Mom too, after all), but this documentary is interesting because it's basically like pulling back the curtains and watching people live in a way that is entirely foreign to how I live. I like that. Watching stuff like that is like going somewhere new.

In other food news, last night our doula came over and I made some more of Emily's Lemon Parsley Pasta.

We ate noodles, we talked about how David needs to avoid making dumb jokes while I'm in labor, etc., etc. I have a feeling that I may have to either: 1) punch David in the face while I'm in labor, or 2) kick him out of the room. This is because when we talk about the pain of childbirth he usually says something about how women should think less about the pain itself and instead think more about how lucky they are to be conscious beings that can experience a range of sensations. To this I usually reply with an expletive. And to be fair, he's not really being serious; it's just part of his nature as a philosopher and jackass to say idiotic things that are based on philosophical ideas and not reality.

Um, anyhow, I'm off to check on the millet that is bubbling away on the stove top. I hope it doesn't suck and that wherever you are you're eating something tasty too:-)

*What would it take for you to punch your partner out if you were in labor?

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