Tuesday, September 3, 2013

US Open

Is anyone else out there into professional tennis? I for one am really enjoying watching the US Open this year. I've always been a tennis fan, ever since the first year my twin brother Brian and I discovered the Grand Slams and would spend two weeks binging on tennis TV. This started when we were about fifteen and promptly turned into us trying to play tennis ourselves.

Despite one summer of lessons, I really suck at tennis now. I used to have some decent shots, though, and really enjoyed playing with my brothers as well as my sister-in-law Sarah. I also used to go hit balls against a tennis wall near my parents' house; there is nothing more satisfying than hitting a tennis ball really hard and really well. (Way better than Prozac or cake.) The only downside to tennis that I can see is that once you get relatively used to being able to hit well it's that much more frustrating when you can't hit well. I don't think I've played any sports or done any activities where I would swear and curse as much as a I did when Sarah and I used to play together.

Other than watching tennis, today I also went through a bunch of baby stuff that my friend Shannon had brought over about two weeks ago. I sorted it, folded it, and put it in big tupperwares in the garage. Slowly but surely I'm cleaning out all the crap, people.

It helped that I had a tasty and pretty protein-y breakfast today.

That's greek yogurt (yes, it's 2%, and it was good!), strawberries, some strawberry jam that I didn't end up using, and a piece of toast there in the background. I ended up putting some almond butter on the toast too.

After breakfast I did the baby organizing, did other sundry chores around the house, and then went to my BodyPump class at the gym. There was a substitute instructor, and she kicked our bottoms.

I had plans for a mexican-inspired dinner tonight, so I went to Whole Foods to buy a few things. I was going to use quinoa, but to be honest I don't like quinoa all that much and thus I ended up going for millet.

Thank goodness for these cooking directions. Heh.

For dinner I cooked the millet, added a can of Ranchero Beans (WF brand, I think), and then added some sauteed swiss chard and fresh tomatoes from my mother-in-law's garden. I also added taco seasoning to the millet and topped it all with more greek yogurt and some cilantro. Final product:

Those are yellow heirlooms, btw, and for not having a recipe this sure turned out good. I told David I just hope I can keep up this cooking streak for good. Too frequently I'll get on a roll and then lose interest in cooking and dreaming up recipes.

After taking Haruki on a walk to the cemetery near our house (it's really pretty there at sunset), David and I shared some dessert: a peach and some angel food cake that David's mom gave us yesterday.

I swear there are more peach slices down there... :-)

*Do you get competitive or swear when you play any sports or activities?

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