Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All Dairy All Day

How is it only Wednesday? Is it just me, or doesn't it feel like today should at least be Thursday with tomorrow being Friday? I'm not sure exactly what's been tiring me out since I'm not working anymore, but it feels like I'm busy everyday and the day just goes by and is filled with random tasks and errands, most of it baby related. 

Luckily I've eaten several tasty things of late, including this spaghetti squash dish that I cooked in olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic powder. I also added aduki beans and parmesan cheese, of course. 

I also treated myself to some pre-made falafel from the grocery store. I used to eat these all the time, mostly because they have very few calories. Tonight I spruced them up with some feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, olive oil, and zucchini.

Doesn't that feta look delicious? It was tasty, though now that I'm typing this I realize how much better the feta was when we ate it in Switzerland. Poor me, right? :-)

Continuing my dairy fest, I had milk and cookies for dessert. 

That's real cow's milk, people. I've had a craving for it recently. It's not even fat-free--it's two percent!! Who the #$%^ am I, right? 

Aside from my new dairy desires, my need for an early bedtime hasn't changed, so I'm afraid I'm going to sign off for now. It's 8:05 p.m., peeps, and I've got half an old episode of Homeland to watch before I go to sleep at 9 p.m. :-)

*Do you feel like a lot of your time is spent doing random crap that is unimportant to you? Is this the final descent into adulthood, and I've just now figured that out?

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