Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things I've Eaten

While spending time at a coffee shop in town the other day (while our power was out), I indulged in a decaf whole milk latte.

Sadly, either it wasn't as fatty and delicious as I was expecting or I had a sudden change in my food preferences, since I only drank about 1/3 of it before I just didn't want to keep drinking. I wonder how much food is wasted by pregnant women. I mean, it's not like I waste a ton of food, but there have definitely been a few times during pregnancy where I started eating something or ordered something and then just didn't want to keep eating it.

Something else that I don't want to eat anymore? This toffee:

I know, right? How could anyone _not_ want to eat that? Oh well. I'm sure if I wait a few days it will sound really, really good again.

And lest you think I only eat sugar and coffee, check out a recent lunch:

That's black beans, olives, and hard boiled egg chunks on the left. Sounds weird, doesn't it?

I had a bit of a busy day. It included the gym, a baby/home project that I'll fill you in on tomorrow, a doctor appointment, and a tour of the hospital birthing center. When I got home I didn't really want to cook but threw together a pasta dish and some sauteed greens.

Not too shabby for this lazy mamma to-be.

Now I'm off to read and veg out. I just finished reading Jon Krakauer's _Into the Wild_ and have since started his _Into Thin Air_. The latter book is about a tragic expedition up Mount Everest, and even though I'm not into climbing at all it has me pretty riveted.

*What are you reading right now?

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