Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Photo Crush

Some things I ate and some revelations I had:

The best cookie I've had in awhile. And I don't usually like jam/thumbprint cookies anyway. But this one was made with hazelnut flour. It was crumbly, nutty, just sweet enough but not overly sweet, and just plain delicious. I ate one cookie per day I worked last week because they only sell them at the coffee shop near my work. The limited availability prompted me to buy some hazelnut flour too. I haven't used it yet, but I'm currently looking for hazelnut flour inspiration...

Cheese is soooo good. Lately I've been wanting to just eat cheddar cheese and crackers but have abstained because my ED habits think of cheddar as being uber-unhealthy. (Mozzarella is doable for me though.) Anyway, you might be seeing cheddar cheese on the blog soon...

In the category of things I ate mostly because the baby apparently appreciates it:

Canned salmon. Not as bad as it sounds or looks, I should add.

I also ate some roasted green beans that I found pretty lackluster.

Is it just me, or are green beans just _not_ that good? I don't even think they have a ton of nutritional value, do they?

Something that does have a ton of nutritional value? Swiss chard. Despite being a kale fanatic swiss chard has always been on my list of veggies that were so-so. A lot of the time I'd eat swiss chard and think: "That tastes bitter," or "That tastes like dirt." But last week I took the plunge, purposefully bought swiss chard, and sauteed it.

I sauteed it with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, and two cloves of split garlic. It was good, people. So good, in fact, that I did it again the next night and also purchased more swiss chard at the store today. So that's nice, right? A little foodie revelation that means I've got another healthy food with which I can balance out my new found cheese addiction:-)

And lastly, I mentioned my 2% greek yogurt last week, but let me just reiterate that 2%, and not nonfat, yogurt is where it's at. Example A:

That's yogurt, heated black beans, brown rice chips, and cilantro. In other words, yum! All it needed was some cheese to really amp up the dairy/fat/calcium consumption.

*What food has surprised you lately, either because it was surprisingly good or because it sucked a$$ when you were expecting something tasty?

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