Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Week Countdown

I'm officially only one week away from my baby due date, peeps. WTF, right? Doesn't it seem like I just announced I was pregnant? Especially with the temps getting cooler it feels just like I just got pregnant and I've missed all of spring and summer. I'm kind of sad, actually, since I spent most of the summer wishing that time would pass more quickly. Normally I don't wish summer away--since it's when I get to ride my road bike the most--but since I wasn't able to ride this summer I suppose it's okay that I wished for time to pass more quickly.

My other two pregnancy-related updates are:

1) The people at the grocery store are starting to get really hesitant about letting me carry my own bags. They are also dubious that my bags should have very much in them, i.e. they say things like, "Are you sure you want it all in one bag? It's very heavy."

I find this behavior nice and well-intentioned, but it's still strange. I feel awkward insisting that I can carry my own bags, but really, I can carry my own bags. When I have an infant, however, and I'm trying to maneuver a car seat, bags, etc., etc., then I will ask for help readily. Maybe I should just get IOUs now?

2) The women at my gym are amazingly nice and supportive. Really. I've never had many female friends, largely because I just don't feel like I can be myself and feel accepted around most women. But being pregnant has been nothing but a firestorm of compliments and encouragement, even from women that I barely know. This has been a nice surprise, though it also entails two "side effects" that are somewhat strange (not bad, just new and strange) for me:

a) Women get really, really excited about babies. I mean, even women that I've never spoken to get excited that I'm having a baby, and even more excited that I'm having a baby girl. Shrug. I never know what this is about. Like, I cannot imagine getting really (and I mean really) excited upon hearing that someone I've never spoken to is having a baby. Is it just me?

b) People must have pretty low expectations about pregnant women and exercise/fitness, because people are just f-ing astounded that I'm still going to the gym. Every single day someone says the equivalent of "I can't believe you're still coming!" This also gives me pause because I just don't have any idea what to say. Today I just went with, "Well, I have to fill the hours in the day somehow...<shrug, awkward laugh>." Maybe tomorrow I'll go with "Well, my uterus has encroached upon my digestive system so much that I need to take frequent breaks between eating ice cream and french fries. This seemed like a decent way to pass the break between stuffing sessions. At least I can watch TV even if it's not while lying down."

*Be honest: do you give a #$%^ when people whom you're not very close to have babies? I was thinking recently about how I used to react when friends had babies, and honestly, no, I definitely did not really care. (Excepting a few very close friends and family members.)

Oh, and p.s., here's a belly shot from the pizza party/baby shower last week:


  1. I hear ya. I don't care so much when strangers have babies. Friends, yes. And they all seem to be having them these days. It just means more b-day parties with cake! And let's face it, shopping for babies is fun. It just is. And for some reason shopping for girls (at least when you are one) is more fun than shopping for boys. I gotta say, it kinda feels like you've been pregnant forever. Hopefully that won;t be the case and the babe comes out quickly ;)

    1. I'm not as keen on shopping for babies, though I did recently buy my 1 yr old niece some jeggings. That made me pretty happy.