Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Debby Downer here. OK, not quite Debby Downer, but how about Debby Outofit? I slept okay last night but for some reason I've just been kind of slow and spacey today. Perhaps it's the heat? It was in the mid-nineties today here, despite the fact that our seasonal average is about eighty-three degrees. On the flip side, I looked up statistics on when Denver usually gets its first snowfall, and last year that day came on October 5. That's four weeks away, people!! And it was ninety-something today!! The weather sure is kooky.

Anyway, I started out the day by getting hot at Bootcamp. After showering and running a few errands (Target and the pet store), I went to a doctor's appointment. I have to go every week from here on out, a fact that I would mind less if I didn't always have to wait when I go.

After my appointment I stopped at the grocery store (where they didn't have the chocolate alphabet cookies I wanted) and came home to bake, cook, and do laundry. Yah, I guess this is nesting, even though I still don't have _any_ desire to scrub every corner of my kitchen floor. (I really, really doubt the instinct to do that is going to kick in for me.)

I started by baking banana bread:

And then I moved on to roasting garlic. I wanted to see if roasting garlic for pesto would make eating pesto at lunchtime a possibility.

Lucky for me my friend Liz brought me more basil!!!

Which led to more pesto!!!

I froze that container on the left so we have some pesto on hand for once the baby is here and the only thing I can manage to do is boil some water for pasta. What do you guys think about our fridge contents? I can't let David see this picture since he really rails on me to always keep the refrigerator doors closed except for the very briefest of seconds.

I also roasted some green beans

that I threw together with the pesto, some pasta, and _more_ tomatoes. What will I do when tomatoes are no longer at their peak?!

Lucky for me my friend Liz also brought me some acorn squash from her garden:-) So maybe fall and winter won't be so bad after all:-)

*What winter produce item are you most looking forward to?

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