Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow Day, Snow Day!

Yup, it finally snowed around here, like for reals! More than 2" of snow means snow day, fun day!

Since it also just so happens that David finished his school semester yesterday that meant that this morning we had a nice little pancake breakfast together!

My player line-up:

My plate:

With a moat of syrup (Joanna):

David's plate: (which he ate x3)

By the by, have you all ever looked at the number of grams of sugar in maple syrup? If not, don't.

After breakfast I got to work on some cleaning that was long overdo. I also made a smoothie and perused a new book that I recently ordered on Amazon:

Research, people, research. My job is so difficult.

After my research reading David and I set off for...Christmas shopping!!! Yay! We got some gift cards, returned some stuff, and bought some other stuff. All in all, a productive few hours, and now I don't feel like I've got a big chore to do anymore. I'm getting a bit excited for X-Mas, I'd say, although I'm not doing a really good job of letting go of little worries in order to really appreciate the season. Sigh.

I do, however, have an afternoon of baking cookies to look forward to tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted and will hopefully be able to report that Santa's little angels have laid a nest in my cold, cold heart. (WTF? I don't know where I come up with this...)

*What do you like to do on snow days?


  1. I wanted to just hibernate and skip work yesterday, but having a boyfriend with a 4-wheel vehicle and work only being 15 minutes away made that difficult. I would much rather have been doing what you were doing!

    1. That's tough. Maybe you should get Joey to turn in his 4WD for a Mini Cooper.

  2. School ended for me last Friday, so no snow day for me. However, my boyfriend got the day off from work and we made the arduous trip to the grocery store just to buy ingredients for cookies. We also plan on watching The Hunger Games later. I love snow days (especially snow days where it is almost physically impossible to go some where--like today!) because then I don't feel so bad lounging around all day long.

    1. I completely agree! David makes fun of me because my rule is that snow day = a spontaneous free day, i.e. a day where you don't have to do any work if you don't want to. It's like a rolling holiday. And how great that your bf chanced to get the day off--having it be a surprise treat makes it extra special!