Wednesday, December 26, 2012

F-ing December 26th

Am I the only one who is struggling to get back to normal today? Food-wise and work-wise I just don't want the holidays to be over!!! If only there were more episodes of Teen Mom 2 that I could procrastinate with...

The holiday itself was pretty good. I spent X-Mas Eve chopping and cooking stuff that we had to take over to either David's family or mine.

I made this vegan lentil loaf, as evidenced by all these colorful veggies that I diced:

It was so-so. There was too much thyme in it, actually, and that kinda turned me off of it. David is eating it like it's mac and cheese, though, so at least someone likes it.

I also made an apple crisp for Christmas dessert, as evidenced by all.these.fucking.apples:

It was pretty good, though I chopped the apples too thin and they didn't feel meaty enough for me once they had cooked down.

On Christmas Eve we went to David's parents' house in Cherry Hills, Colorado for a pizza dinner and gift exchange. I got a long-sleeve t-shirt from Lucy, some new measuring cups, and some hand towels for our kitchen. Clearly, I am old now.

On Christmas morning we got up and drove back down South to have brunch at David's sister's house in Greenwood Village. After eating and screwing around for a bit with all my nieces and nephew's ridiculously nice presents we went up to my brother's house for Christmas dinner. We did a gift exchange there, too, and I got a gift card from Bicycle Village. Also, my Mom and Dad were nice enough to get me and David some new silverware and some cash to get new dishes. (They also recently bought us a microwave as a belated housewarming gift.)

I'd say the best parts of Christmas were (in random order): 1) the beer sample pack that David won in the gift exchange...yum!, 2) playing with my niece Ella, as well as my nieces MoMo and Riley, and 3) the Tim Tam cookies that I was able to try because my SIL Jennifer's sister Amelia sent them back from Australia, where she is currently living. I can't say for sure why they were so delicious, but man they are good. Prolly hydrogenated like crazy:-(

Other highlights of the past few days:

Haruki crossing her legs.

Please don't judge how old and dry my hands look. Colorado is a desert, people, and it is d.r.y.

Painting my nails like a legitimate girl.

And finally, shopping for booties for Ruki's feet since it is so cold lately and she can't go for long walks because her little paws get frozen. These little illustrations on the booties really spoke to me:

*What was your favorite part of the holiday? Are you still eating Christmas cookies in order to protest the end of the holiday?


  1. Oh She Glows has a really good lentil walnut "meatloaf" recipe. Even my meat and potatoes man liked it. My favorite gift this year was a fancy schmancy new lens for my DSLR. My favorite part was spending the day relaxing at home and watching the boy play with his presents. The 6 dollar light up ball was his favorite.

  2. Wooo-ooh--that is fancy! Is the lens so good that you can give your friends close-ups of their pores? We have a friend that takes traumatic pictures of people at parties--dark circles, deep pores, facial scars, you name it. It all shows up under this guy's camera. You should start taking pictures like that and then bribe your friends not to release them.

  3. I second the Oh She Glows nut loaf, although I've only made it once because there was so much chopping involved that I never wanted to make it again, ha ha. I think that same thing every time I take a picture of my hands.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about their hands. I thought it was because I spent too many years cycling without enough sunscreen on my hands, but maybe it really is the cold and über dry Colorado climate!