Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Haps

Were not thrilling, exactly, but nice nonetheless.

On Friday I was scheduled to attend my Uncle Jim's fiftieth birthday party. Since my uncle and aunt and cousins live down South of where I am I decided that I should stop at the mall on the way to their house. I used to live right by this mall (Flatirons, for you local readers), but since moving back to Boulder I dread going near it and rarely do so.

It's partly because I stay snug in the Boulder "bubble" and don't venture out too much, but the reason that I avoid the mall is also that I don't like shopping. It sucks.

I really needed a new brown leather belt, so I got one. I also tried on a few workout pants at the Gap Body store.

Umm,  not so much, right? That slight looseness in my bizness area was actually more pronounced in "real life." Maybe my crotch is just naturally slim?

Because I'm a doofus I don't have any pictures of the birthday party. Too bad, too, because it would've been a good occasion to introduce you to my uncle, aunt, and cousins. Suffice to say that we ate cheese and crackers, and holiday M&Ms, and my Dad and uncle told stories about all the hijinx they got into as youngsters. (They were total hoodlums!)

Saturday wasn't too eventful. I hit up the gym for an elliptical session (because my knee is still on the fritz) and proceeded to spend the day watching CNN for more news on the Sandy Hook situation. David had to administer a final for one of his classes on Saturday night, so at least he wasn't there to see what an emotional wreck I was while watching all the coverage.

Sunday was a fun day--probably my favorite of the three days because I got to spend it with this little chub-monster!!!

My brother Brian and his wife Jennifer were making a trip to the IKEA in South Denver, so I drove over to their house to accompany them and little miss Ella. Aren't they a cute family?

We even stopped at Starbucks on the way for festive coffee cups! At IKEA I really resisted buying a lot of crap that we need for our house, and instead limited myself to: a new dish rack/dryer, a milk frother (yah I totally needed this), a vegetable peeler, and a new silverware holder. I'm such a reckless shopper, I know.

Now that it's Monday, I'm stuck doing work, though I do have these two treats:

Vegan Apple Bran Muffin

I'm also wondering when I'm going to start buying presents for other people (i.e. for Christmas) instead of things for me (i.e. milk frother...)

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