Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slight Cookie Fail

Yah, it happens. Even to the best of us. By "best of us," I mean those of us who have had periods of their life that were largely filled with The Food Network. I even take my butter and eggs out of the refrigerator ahead of time so they come to room temperature before I start baking. Wow, right?

But unfortunately that didn't help me much today, since instead of baking cookies I ended up making dough. Cookie dough, yes, but not cookies, since apparently the recipe I decided to use says to refrigerate the dough overnight before actually getting my cookie payday. BALLS!!! Only, no cookie balls because I'm a doofus.

Making the dough wasn't all bad, actually. It made me feel festive. I should've made cookies about two weeks ago to jump start my X-Mas spirit.


Admiring the butter: So yellow! So rich! Even more so after I gave each little stick a personal massage.


Another realization that I had while baking? It's been a long time since I mashed up butter and sugar. I guess that's what anorexia + living in Boulder, CO will do for you. I bet my grandmother didn't go a month without mashing up some butter and sugar for some kind of tasty recipe. Boy, she sure would get a kick out of how I live my life. (Without Black Cherry Kool-Aid?!!! WTF?)

I also remembered that we don't own a mixer. Like, a stand mixer or a handheld. I could've sworn that we did, but it became clear that we don't when I was trying to get that butter and sugar to fluff up. It's times like these that I understand why people have "real" weddings, like with lots of gifts guests. On the plus side, I didn't have to write any "Thank You" notes. Whew. I don't know where I would've found the time, really, what with all my TV shows that I need to keep up on.

After my non-baking escapade I proceeded to cook and eat an entire bag of brussel sprouts by myself. Like so:

Photo courtesy of
(^^^She's pretty great^^^)

My new favorite way to cook brussel sprouts? Slicing them and sauteing them in olive oil, S & P, and garlic powder. Finished off with a good dose of grated parmesan cheese and roasted hazelnuts. Soooo good. It's really a testament to my vegetable intake that I can eat an entire bag of brussel sprouts with no intestinal distress. Practice, people, practice.

*What do you think of when you cream butter and sugar together?


  1. Dude, why is there salted butter in those pictures? Those cookies are going to be salty! Usually you need to always use unsalted butter for baking.

    1. So much for my baking prowess...thanks a lot, Julia! You just embarrassed me in front of all my friends! :-)
      Also, CRAP!!!

    2. Sorry. Does it make you feel better to know that the reason I noticed is because of past experiences with salted butter that was supposed to be unsalted? You are not alone.

    3. No, that doesn't make me feel better. But it did make me feel better that you called me "Dude." (Seriously)