Monday, December 10, 2012

Tea Time

Alright, peeps, cha-ching! After almost two weeks of vacation programming, it's back to normalcy over here in Sunshine Canyon.

Meh. It's also time to get back to work:

And so far I've proven only moderately motivated and mostly just tired. I did turn in the introduction for my dissertation last week, though, so that's something. If only I didn't know that my advisor is going to have _lots_ of changes for me to make to it shortly. Oh well. For now I'm revising all of the body chapters in my dissertation, and just thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to come up with any original thoughts any time soon.

It's been a long weekend, in part because David was out of town on Popsockets business, which meant that it was just me and Haruki for five days straight. I've been really bad about reaching out to make plans and be social lately, too, so that five days involved a lot of me being alone--something that I look forward to but also something that isn't the most healthy if carried too far.

Unfortunately Haruki put a hit on me too. Seriously. The day after David left I took her on a hike and she rewarded me by slamming into my right knee cap while running on the trail. And I mean slamming. Like, I fell down and cried it was so hard. I can at least walk normally without pain now, though there isn't any high-impact exercise in my near I hate the f-ing elliptical machine, but for a few days you can imagine me elliptical-ling away while thinking about how to get revenge on Haruki.

I did do one noteworthy thing this weekend, however, thanks to my mother-in-law. I didn't know this until recently, but apparently it is a tradition for the women in David's family to have holiday tea every year at The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. You can check out the hotel and the tea menu here:

The Brown Palace is a pretty famous hotel in these parts, not least because the unsinkable Molly Brown stayed there for a week after surviving the sinking of the Titanic. Oodles of presidents have stayed at the BP too, which makes for a pretty swanky atmosphere:

I'd never had afternoon tea before, and it was definitely a fun experience. We ordered three large pots of tea for the table to share, and then proceeded to stuff our faces with finger sandwiches (egg salad, cucumber, and one roast beef that I didn't try), scones (regular, aka butter, and ginger/butterscotch, which wasn't as sweet as it sounds), and tiny desserts (i.e. really miniature peppermint cheesecake, chocolate truffles, tiny Madeleine cookies, etc.).

It was not the most nutritionally-complete meal, but everything was well done and it was really nice to spend time with the ladies of my new family. (Even if I did have to wear tights instead of yoga pants.)

*Do you like "dressing up?" Have you ever had a proper afternoon tea?

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