Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When You Get Old, Your Skin Looks Like Shit

That's right, friends, it starts to look like the tread on your car tires, especially if you've spent the day scrubbing foot prints off of white walls, utterly incinerated pepitas(!) out of your oven, and strange sticky stuff out of your refrigerator.

Yup, we moved. By we, I mean my fiancé David and myself. But I'm not going to call him fiancé anymore, because that's too fancy for us. I'll just call him my bf (boyfriend) for now, and once we're married (in August), I stick with fuckface. I'll show you a picture of him soon, once I've gained your trust.

For now, however, we are staying at his parents' cabin in Southern Colorado, until the construction peeps finish our house in Boulder. Lest you think I'm a spoiled, selfish brat (whaaaat?!!), I should first tell you that we're building a house in Boulder because David's house burned down in the Four Mile fire 1.5 years ago. (Fire victim  brat). I should also tell you that on the morning of the fire I peed on the trail right above the canyon where the fire started. I was trail running and at that time I was still pretty impressed that I was willing and knowledgable enough to pee in the wilderness without a toilet or tp. Not the only time knowledge has saved me from peeing all over myself.

I'll let you guess why I'm showing you this picture in the comments.

So. We should should be moving into our new house at the end of this week, though there will still be a lot of work going on even then. Until then, David and I are desperately soaking up the internet at the local Inn since the cabin is internet-free.

The second half of my breakfast:

Eggs and toast. That little bowl just passed my dry and cracked hand was the first half, and used to be full of fruit that had soft notes of bleach.

A shot of downtown with the Spanish Peaks in the background:

***Plea for comments (aka question section):

How long could you go without internet? 


  1. The picture is the pee in the snow that started the Four Mile Fire!

  2. Hmmmm. . .related but not quite, Bradley! Is it weird that I almost typed "Mmmmm" instead of "Hmmmm?"