Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm working through my guilt about not posting in awhile, so I can't really apologize for the absence. After all, maybe it's your fault, and not mine, that I've been too busy and lazy to post? Uh-huh.

Anyhow, things are going sha-mashing! It's summer! I turned in the final body chapter of my dissertation! I rode my bike before ten a.m. without any arm or leg warmers!

This may be because now that the bf and I are moved into our new house, my standard road ride is down the canyon and back up--which means lots of sweating and excessive body heat. It's called "Sunshine Canyon" for a reason, peeps!

"Wildlife Sanctuary" seems misleading, given that the bf has declared war on the birds trying to nest in and around our new house. Poor pretty birdies. 
After a little "cyclo-therapy," I made my way to town for some errands and...dog walking!!! It's been at least three weeks since I've taken a shift at the humane society, and it was great to be back and great to feel like I did something useful with my day. (It was either walk dogs or see The Five Year Engagement, so I'd say that humanity really came out on top this time.)

I walked Bobo, a chocolate lab mix, and Tula, a boxer/Siberian husky mix. Tula likes walks:

And she was very well behaved! When I bent down to tie my shoe, she stopped and came back to lick my face! (Much better behavior than the humping/pooping puppy that I played with afterwards!) According to her papers she has a penchant for jumping out of cages, but Tula is so sweet and would make the perfect running partner for someone in the BoCo area!!! Check out her bio here:


Oh, and go adopt her, too. She's really soft.

In other dog-walking news, summer has really bloomed in the open space area where I walk the dogs! This was all barren and snowy this winter, but now it's like I'm walking dogs in the freaking Secret Garden!

*Did you read The Secret Garden when you were younger? Babysitter's Club? And/or did you read Stephen King in the sixth grade and count yourself very mature?


  1. Stephen King in 6th grade. But only in the morning. Reading the stuff right before bedtime gave me nightmares. Pretty mature, huh?