Saturday, May 12, 2012

Soy Milk Sounds Cute

Balls! Blogger just ate my post! It was funny, too!

So instead, here's a photo recap of my day:

A picture! Of my (half-eaten) breakfast! That's a pretty Pink Lady apple, peanut butter, and the healthy version of Crispix with soy milk. Yup, that's non-organic vanilla soy milk, not unsweetened, organic soy milk. When I say the healthy version of Crispix, I'm assuming that you too used to eat "healthy" cereals as a kid, though now you recognize that even mainstream "healthy" cereals are in fact sugar-delivery devices. I've become quite the cereal aficionado, actually, and most recently I'm liking the Nature's Path version of Crispix. With my sugary soy milk:-) (Nobody ever said that disordered eating habits were rational.)

On the way to the grocery store:

An escaped dog, wandering around Sunshine Canyon and barking its face off at anyone who came near it. After slowing traffic down for awhile--you know, so the K9 didn't get his shit wrecked by the grill(e?) of a Subara Outback, it's owner came along and explained why his dog was loose. Another onlooker says, "How did she get out?" and this mister says, "Well, she gets out." Alrighty.

And finally, here's a picture of the beautiful scenery we're soaking up from our mountain house with the amazing view:

Yah. It's not summer anymore. It's winter again. Only its May, not December, and instead of Santa the only thing I have to look forward to is eating too much cereal, followed by self loathing and regret:-) I wonder if Rachael Ray would give that a YUM-O!

*What about you--are you emotionally affected by the weather when it's cloudy or cold? What kinds of cereal (if any) are you eating these days?

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