Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blogging Ain't For Chumps

When you start a blog, you have to write stuff or your blog becomes a lot like that old bottle of hairspray that you haven't used much because it made your hair feel dry that one time and now it has a thick layer of gooey stickiness in the spray nozzle and lots of crunchy stuff around it. In other words, you might look at it again, consider using it, but then decide that it's just easier to throw it away than to clean it properly.

If you're male, it's like old porn magazines--you can't throw them away, but you'll never "use" them again. So sad.

Given my stellar (and subtle) use of simile, now seems like a good time to discuss what I do when I'm not reading blogs or remembering what I used to watch on the Food Network when I had a TV. I'm a Ph.D. student in English Literature, writing my dissertation on nineteenth-century British literature. (Yes, I know Dickens got paid by the word for some of his novels. . .please don't tell me this in order to justify your illiteracy.) More specifically, I'm writing on the ideas of sympathy and knowledge, especially as they are represented in Victorian literature and GYNECOLOGY! Yah! (My dad is so proud!!) (Really, though, he is.) In addition to reading about Victorian gynecologists, I'm also an editor for the academic journal English Language Notes. I notice when commas are missing--it's my jam! Feel free to ask me about my career prospects it the comments:-)

In other news, the reason I was absent for two days is that we've made our way back to Boulder to our "new" home and things have been exceedingly busy. In addition, because I failed to call about internet until yesterday, we will not have internet at our house until next Friday. This is a good thing for the dissertation that I mentioned above, but not so good for Nikki Cooks Kale. Right now the bf and I are completing e-tasks at Whole Foods before going home for the night. This is our view:

Gah Boulder is beautiful!!! I have several posts in the works, and will be seeking out free Wi-Fi everyday this week so that I can share them--stay tuned!

For kicks, here is someone that we met while still in So. Colorado:

She is staring at my food bar. Sorry, little pony.

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