Monday, May 7, 2012

The Roof is Really On Fire. No, really.

Another post that I've been envisioning is one in which I explain my moving/living situation. After a week in Southern Colorado at the bf's parents' cabin, we have returned to Boulder to our "new" house. I say "new" because it's so freakin' new that it's not finished yet. It's like camping indoors but in the mountains--no Internet and no cell service (yet!), random creatures (carpenters and such) wandering around your tent site, and best of all, great hikes straight from your front door!

The back story behind this house and its location is that the bf's original house, located west of Boulder in the foothills, burned down 1.5 years ago in the Four Mile Fire. After a dollop of consideration, the bf decided to rebuild in the same location, since, after all, real estate in the rest of Boulder is pretty much scandalous. After living in a rental house for the last year and a half (during which time he was uber-ly blessed to have me move in with him), the house is finally (nearly) ready. Yesterday, we decided to celebrate our first few nights in the new house with a run/hike.

While some of the burned area still looks pretty charred:

We saw bundles of wildflowers growing everywhere!

I swear I never posed like this. . .the camera made me look like a snotty diva. The real me was prolly two seconds away from tripping over some wildflowers and wrecking my face on that rock you see in the foreground.
I'll show more pics of the house itself in a few weeks when it's finished. For now, I'm blogging from Whole Foods and dreaming about having Internet at home again. At least WF has better snacks than we do at home:

That's a cumin kale salad with tofu, tomatoes, and some (likely) non-organic blackberries. I also had a yummy date nut muffin, but I can't find it now to photograph:-)

*What would you grab from your house if you knew it was going to burn down? I'd take my computer and at least a few of my own books...let the library books burn!! Muwahahahahaha!

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