Saturday, May 26, 2012


And I don't mean the list of blogs that I read; I mean I'm on a blog roll--posting, like, everyday and stuff! (Yesterday's p.s. post totally counts.)

I even took pictures of my dinner out last night!

We went to Watercourse in Denver. WC is a vegetarian restaurant where the servers seem happy if you order things vegan, i.e. they aren't upset when your order is made "special" by dietary restrictions. And let's face it, most of us don't _really_ have dietary restrictions, but rather, preferences or neuroses.

To drink, I had the Claymore Scotch Ale, which was like a yummy, hoppy, bubbly Guinness.

So good. (Note: when you don't drink that often, it tastes like a warm hug on your insides.)
Our table also shared some of Watercourse's famous buffalo seitan "wings." If you're not familiar with seitan, then you probably watch NASCAR. Ha. Just kidding. But you probably don't live in Boulder. Seitan is a meat substitute made from wheat gluten. If that sounds wretched to you, I understand. But it's actually quite delicious--when prepared well--and just as satisfying as eating standard buffalo wings.

Yes, this looks disgusting. But it's not the seitan's fault--it's mine for not photographing it before we'd demolished it.
For dinner I had a wrap with hummus, kalamata olives, and other Greek salad goodness. With kale, of course.

Watercourse is the kind of restaurant where all the wraps are whole wheat and the kale doesn't come coated in oil or fried--just simply steamed with sesame seeds. This makes it easier to indulge in a Scout cookie after dinner, since after all, kale is practically food medicine, and warrants some kind of treat to balance it all out:-) I've got no pictures of the Scout cookie that I shared, but let's just say that it's what the Girl Scout Samoa cookie would look like if you made it with real ingredients and plumped it up x3 in size!

*Have you heard of seitan? Cooked with it?

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