Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Noochy kale

That's right--somebody ate a boatload of kale today!!! Finally! You guys were prolly wondering why I named this blog "Nikki Cooks Kale."

But lets start at the beginning, shall we?

This morning I went to my usual fit class at my gym. It's like a boot camp, with lots of running, burpees, pushups, drills, etc. As someone who has always preferred to ride my bike or run outside and alone, I'm still pretty shocked that I've gotten hooked on these classes at my gym. But they really make me push myself, which is something I haven't really done since I was cuckoo and riding my bike for four hours a day.

After my class, I contemplated going to the movies over "lunch," which I ate at 10:30. Yah. That's a.m., people. The bf eats breakfast at 10:30, and today I think I managed to even outdo the senior contingent with my early lunch. For lunch, I ate Whole Foods bonanza of treats:

1) Emerald sesame kale, which looked like this:

Picture courtesy of a less lazy blogger, at
2) A cranberry tuna sandwich on wheat bread. Yes, I know. Mercury. Dolphins. And oh yeah, aren't you supposed to be vegetarian? Well, peeps, lately I've been phasing some fish back in--mostly salmon, though sometimes a tuna sandwich just sounds delightful. Since I'm not currently knocked-up, I figure I might as well dose myself with the mercury now.

3) And finally, the top of this delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffin from Whole Foods:

Yes, all my meals are eaten near my computer.
Instead of the fancy bloggers who use fancy photogenic spoons and bowls, you get the corner of my laptop.

Is it wrong that I usually decide what to eat for lunch based on the fact that I need room for a muffin top? (In, not around my belly.) In my defense, this is close to the Virgin Mary of muffins: whole barley flour, oatmeal, walnuts, vegan, and not too sweet.

After breakfast/lunch, I decided to skip going to the movies in favor of running a bunch of crap errands--hooray! And now I'm at home, cushed-out on my couch having just eaten a dinner of kale chips with nutritional yeast (aka nooch?!! so gross--makes it sound vaginal, doesn't it? or is it just me--the girl who studies gynecology?), cereal with peanut butter, and a bowl of grapes and strawberries.


Okay, scratch that. The bf erased the picture of my n-kale--balls! Instead, a picture of what I'll be looking at for the rest of the evening: 

It's foggy. But so cozy inside!

When I'm eating a big bowl of noochy kale I feel the same satisfaction that I used to experience when I was younger and ate a lot of Snickers ice cream. 

*Ever tried nutritional yeast in your cooking? Tempted to quit reading this blog because I named my dinner noochy kale?

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