Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nikki Eats Dirt (and some roots)

So we're two days into our small-town living / internet free lifestyle, and it's going. . .great!! Waking up to this:

isn't too shabby:-) (P.S. How do I get real emoticons??!! Mine are like ghetto-icons compared to the ones the other blog girls have. . .whine)

Perhaps the biggest highlight thus far has been Olivia, the 145 lb. potbelly pig that we came across at the local library yesterday. Olivia likes plant roots--so much so that she's willing to eat mostly dirt to get a few root nuggets.

Olivia is not unlike me quickly eating the best parts of an entree when the bf and I are eating out and sharing.

Highlight no. 2 is the bike ride that we took this afternoon. La Veta, CO to Cuchara, CO and up to the top of Cuchara Pass. I'll check later to see how much of a badass I am.

I do not drink 7UP. Maybe if I did I wouldn't look this surly.

If you've ever been to Colorado, then you prolly know that the small mountain towns are absolutely *the best* place to be--yes, in the winter, but I think even more so in the summer! Touring around on a road bike makes for so much fun--both while on the bike, and later, while consuming extra calories, or as I like to call them, "I'm like two weeks away from going pro, so I'd better eat this banana bread" calories.

*How _do_ you get those emoticons? Where else in the US has small mountain towns that rival those in Colorado?

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