Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recent Eats and Haps

Hump day is upon us, peeps. You might even say it's currently humping us. I can say "humping" because I work at a dog shelter, and thus I'm desensitized to socially-awkward words like "humping." How many more times do you think I'd have to say "humping" before you all imagined humping? Done, right? On most days that little feat might be my biggest accomplishment, but I've been working on another freelance project recently and thus I'm pretty productive everyday.

Being a freelance editor means that I am justified in buying fun office supplies. Although, let me just tell you that buying office supplies at the Target in a university town around the time that school starts isn't as fun. All the college kids took the most fun supplies!!! :-(

Luckily I've had some good eats recently to distract myself from my sub par Post-it flags and red pens. Yesterday I did up another round of tomato and mozz:

Which I ate along with some peanut eggplant from Whole Foods:

Today's lunch was some kale + another tomato and mozzarella sando:

Though I realized later that the little blobs of cheese actually tasted better when eaten alone. The tomato was just so flavorful that the sandwich tasted better without!*

*Words I have never spoken before.**
**Actually, words I have never spoken, since I'm typing, not speaking.

Finally, I've been on a real dinner cooking kick lately. Who knows why, but I've actually had the energy to cook, even if it's something really simple like kale and tofu, which is what we had for dinner last night.

Tonight I'm making a pasta with...yup, you guessed it: tomatoes. I'm also going to throw in some zucchini and parsley. Wish me luck on improv-ing a pasta dinner when I know basically nothing about pasta recipes. Maybe I should hit up my Pinterest board for inspiration. Usually that just devolves into obsessive food porn-ing. In any case, I'll give you the full update on said pasta dinner when I post next. Cross your fingers.

And lastly, just a few random things about being pregnant:

1) When your baby is encroaching on your rib cage space it actually does sometimes feel like you can't breath and you're going to die.

2) Don't tell the pregnant lady at the gym that you were really depressed when, during a group fitness class, you "couldn't even keep up" with said pregnant lady.

*Are you in a food rut or a good cooking spree?

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