Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I'm not sure why, but Tuesday seems to be the day that I write about pregnancy-related stuff. Today's topic, my friends, is nesting.

I think I'm doing it. It all started last week when I realized how close we are to actually having a baby. Once that realization hit I started to think about all the little spots or nooks around the house that are filled with crap that we don't use, don't want, etc. Our house is really nice, but it's not exactly chock full of storage space, either. So starting a new baby off--especially since babies have so much crap associated with their care--in a house that is filled with crap that David and I should've tossed a long time ago seemed unwise. The problem is that I let myself feel too overwhelmed by the number of places in the house that I need to go through and reorganize. So last week, when this realization hit, I decided that I'd try to clean out and organize one or two small areas a week. Last week, I picked up all the donated maternity clothes I'd been given (which were on the floor of my closet), sorted them, and took the rest to a donation site. Whew!

This morning I started in on the kitchen. First I organized our drawer full of bars, teas, and chocolates. Then I moved on to the larger food cabinets, where I found things that I really shouldn't have purchased in the first place. Really, cleaning out the cabinets was a wake-up call that I need to lessen the frequency with which I decide to try a new food or new item.

Anyhow, cleaning out the food cabinets led to a lot of crumbs on the floor, which led to wiping out the refrigerator, which led to wiping the counter tops, which led to sweeping the stairs, which led to vacuuming the downstairs and entryway. All before ten-thirty, when I had to leave for my BodyPump class.

And, before I forget to mention it, last night I made dinner! Tofu and broccoli, to be exact:

And I even started pinning dinner recipes on Pinterest!

And this morning I also made banana bread!!!

Unfortunately it's only okay. It's whole wheat, with applesauce instead of butter, and maple syrup instead of brown sugar. I guess I should've been expecting something less delicious than the banana bread my grandmother made, which we could've just as accurately called butter bread.

So, peeps, the moral of the story is that I'm nesting the shit out of this week! I'm also getting kicked in the ribs by this baby. So, I guess you can't have everything. The end.

*Do you have a good, semi-healthy banana bread recipe you use? (Ummm, share?)


  1. Gah, I hate cleaning the kitchen. It's like you can't really clean one thing without doing everything. If you came across anything from the chocolate drawer that you need to get rid of I'm accepting donations.

    1. It's annoying, isn't it? That's why I'm reluctant to clean sometimes, since I know that once I start it's going to take at least two hours. BTW, who does most of the cleaning at your house?

    2. I ask about who does the cleaning because for some reason anytime I clean I start to feel a little resentful towards David; even though he does like a bazillian things around the house, being the one that cleans the toilets always feels unfair. (Read: I really am a petulant and immature person.)

  2. We kind of split things up. Joey usually does the bathroom which I feel terrible about because I shed in there like crazy but then again I ALWAYS do the kitchen and I'm certainly not the one making any messes in there!

    1. Hmm. That's interesting. So instead of feeling annoyed that you have to clean up after him, you feel bad that he has to clean up after you? That sounds much more healthy than the dynamic I've set up here between me and David... :-)