Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some Eats

My eats as of late have been pretty tasty. I can't say why for sure, but I think it has something to do with me having gotten my ass into the kitchen recently. It's strange, really, how I go through phases with cooking. Sometimes I really enjoy being in the kitchen, following (or not following) recipes, coordinating all the different phases of a meal, etc. And other times I really feel like the last thing I want to do is even bother putting rice into the rice cooker.

But, anyway:-)

This was lunch yesterday, leftover from our anniversary dinner on Sunday evening.

That's spicy seitan burritos, in case you're new to the blog. They are David's specialty.

I also made another pesto/mozz/tomato sandwich for lunch today.

Heaven on a plate. I have to make more pesto, asap. The only downside, of course, is the garlic. I can't imagine having pesto without garlic, but man, I really don't enjoy feeling garlic-y all day after eating pesto. Granted I ate about a half a cup of pesto between this sandwich and the spoon I took to the pesto bowl. But still, it sure would be nice if the pesto could taste just as delicious but retain less of the garlic aftereffects.

I suppose it's only a problem during the day, though. We ate pesto pasta for dinner last night and the garlic effects were pretty minimal since we went to bed just a few hours after eating.

I threw in some roasted zucchini as well as some fresh "Early Girl" tomatoes. These are small tomatoes but so good and sweet. David said this was the best pasta dish I've ever made, and I think I'd agree. Of course, it's all because of the pesto. Like I said, I need more basil to make more pesto!

After dinner last night we took a walk with Haruki and ran into our neighbor Barb. She gave us some homemade banana bread. David scarfed his slice on our walk, but I save mine until today:

It was good, though a bit too nutty for my tastes. It got me excited to make pumpkin bread for fall though...

And with that I'm off. We're having friends over for dinner tonight so there are a few things I need to prepare. David is currently in the future baby room using some kind of drill. #Makesmenervous

*What is your policy regarding garlic? Do you just eat it and deal with the breath, or do you avoid it in certain circumstances?


  1. I love the taste of garlic but yeah, that "garlicy" feeling is horrible. I brush my teeth, chew gum etc. Nothing works. Same thing with extremely flavorful onions. I still eat them of course, normally at night when I am not around so many people.

    1. Yay, Musical Rose! It's nice to hear from you! I hope the semester is starting off smoothly for you...
      And you're right about onions--I'd forgotten about those.

    2. Yeah, sorry for not commenting recently. I have been reading your blog though! Just haven't had enough time to respond. And I start school next week so I'm relaxing at my parents' house in Minnesota for one more week of freedom.

    3. Here at NCK we don't scold readers for not commenting for awhile--I'm just glad you're still reading, and also glad that you're enjoying some vacation time with your parents in Minnesota before school. That sounds uber nice! Good luck with the first week of class!